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Who was Maryland named after?
The Kings wife Maria
Who was given the charter for Georgia?
James Oglethorpe
Ability people or things have to affect other people or things
What was the name of the port and city that was most important to SC?
Charles Towne
Name the place where anyone could worship as they pleased
Who settled Georgia?
Today Charles Towne is called?
A representative who speaks for others
The land beyond the settlements
Who made indigo a cash crop?
Eliza Lucas
Name one cash crop
Which four states made up the "Bread Basket" of the colonies?
New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Penn.
Why were the settlers mad at the Quakers?
They refused to help fight the Indians
There were many wars with who over land and fishing rights?
People who were in prison for owing money came to ________ to work off debts
Debtor means?
People who owe money
Cash Crop
A crop that people raise to sell to others rather than to use themselves.
Frame of Government
Pa's government said people had freedom of speech, worship and a trial by jury
The Dutch colony was called?
New Netherland
Why did the Dutch people refuse to fight the English?
Disliked Stuyvesant
A safe place
Which church did you have to go to in England?
Church of England
Who was the proprietor of Pennsylvania?
William Penn
Why were some states called Breadbasket colonies?
They raised so much wheat.
How was Pennsylvania set up
As a trading posts
What was Carolinas main crop?
A wide, high doorstep
The Lord proprietor of Maryland was?
Lord Baltimore
When the English won the wars with the Indians what happened?
Indians were forced to leave the colonies
The Calverts were families of wealthy business people. Why did they come to America?
1. To Make money
2. Refuge for Catholics
What state was founded by the Calverts?
Who settled Pennsylvania?
Quakers or Society of Friends
Who felt that violence was wrong and refused to carry a gun or fight?
John Rolfe
Was the first to bring tobacco to the colonies
1st permanent English colony in North America
What is Indigo?
Plants from which blue dye in made. Grown in SC
How were roads made?
Widening trails
The Carolinas were ruled by 8 proprietors appointed by?
King Charles
House of Burgess
Made up of wealthy men who grew tobacco
Pa. most important city
What is New Amsterdam today?
New York
Who wrote Poor Richard's Almanac?
Benjamin Franklin
What were the only ways to travel in colonial times?
1. boat
2. horseback
3. foot
What did Benjamin Franklin own?
A Print Shop in Philadelphia
South Carolina had _______ farms
North Carolina had ________ farms
People who came to live in a country from another country
What does Pennsylvania mean
"Penn's Woods"
General Assembly
Council or group oooooof men who made laws
What are Naval stores?
Products made from pine tar used in building ships
Huguenots are
French Protestants