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Who agreed to defend the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre?

John Adams
Who led the Green Mountain Boys in capturing Fort Ticonderoga?

Ethan Allen
Who was a writer who encouraged colonists to give up tea and other goods from Britain?

Mercy Otis Warren
What do you call a group of colonial volunteers who fought in times of emergency?

Do you think that delegates to the Virginia House of Burgesses really represented the people of Virginia in 1760? Explain.
Yes, the delegates acted in the interest of the colonists. They were against British control. No, they did not fairly represent the people of Virginia because women, minorities, and non-Protestants could not be elected to the House of Burgesses.
Explain why the Stamp Act was passed, how colonists responded, and what happened as a result.
The Stamp Act made colonists pay a tax on newspapers and legal documents (papers). Colonists protested and some attacked the tax collectors. As a result, it was repealed.
Where did the first battle of the American Revolution take place?

A refusal to do business with a person, group, or country is

a boycott
In response to the Boston Tea Party, the British passed laws known as the ________.

Intolerable Acts
Who with William Dawes, alerted colonists that British soldiers were headed for Concord?

Paul Revere
Who made speeches that inspired many colonists to fight for freedom?

Patrick Henry

What was the earliest form of self-government in the New England colonies?

town meeting