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An instrument that helps sailors and other travelers find the cardinal directions?
magnetic compass
A period of cultural and artistic growth that began in Italy in the late 1300s?
Who ruled the wealthy kingdom of Songhai?
Sunni Ali
What did Arabian traders cross to reach the Kingdom of Songhai?
The Sahara Desert
One of the first Europeans to reach Asia?
Marco Polo
Who invented the printing press?
Johannes Gutenburg
A disease caused by the bite of certain mosquitoes?
Who made voyages from China to India, Arabia and Africa?
Zheng He
A smalll ship that was fast and easy to steer, even in dangerous water?
Why did China's sea explorations stop in the 1500s?
The emperor ordered all sailing ships to be destroyed.
The most important Chinese product imported to Europe in the late 1200s is
A caravel is?
a kind of ship
A group of people traveling together, especially through desert areas?
Who made great improvements so that navigation was possible?
Prince Henry of Portugal
The science of determining a ships direction and location?