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Cold war

Conflict between US and Soviet Union following WW11

United Nations

International peacekeeping body founding by 50 nations after WW11

Iron curtain

division between Western Democrat Europe and Communist Eastern Europe


Policy to stop the spread of communism


North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a military alliance that originally included Canada, the US and 10 European Nations.

Warsaw Pact

Alliance of the Soviet Union and its allies in Central and Eastern Europe

Arms Race

Competition between US and Soviet Union to develop more destructive weapons

Domino Theory

Belief that if a country fell to communism, nearby countries would follow

Civil Disobedience

Nonviolent refusal to obey laws


Division of a country into two or more separate parts


Official policy of racial segregation practiced in South Africa from 1948-1991


Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; disease that attacks a person's ability to fight off infections


Merging of East Germany and West Germany into one country in 1990


Merging of East Germany and West Germany into one country in 1990

Ethnic Cleansing

Removing an Ethnic or religious group from an area by force or the mass killing of members from sunch a group.

Four modernizations

Chinese policy to modernize aspects of the economy


Use of violence for political ends

Human rights

People's rights to life, liberty, quality, healthcare, and other rights essential to human well-being

Global economy

Economy in which buying and selling occurs across national borders

Multinational corporations

Company that operates in more than one country

Global warming

Increase in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere

Jomo Kenyatta

Kenya's first president

Mohandas Gandhi

Leader of India's independence movement

Jawaharlal Nehru

India's first leader after independence

Kwame Nkrumah

Modern Ghana's first president

Nelson Mandela

South Africa's first president

Division of Europe / Iron Curtain. Tensions grew between West Democrat and East communist.

What impact did the Cold War have on Europe?

Domino Theory (to prevent communism.) Support Vietnamese.

Why did the US become involved in fighting in Korea and Vietnam?

Eastern Europe transition into democracy swiftly and Gorbachev introduced new policies: Soviet Union collapsed.

What brought the cold war to an end?

The partition split into India and Pakistan. India Independence Law (July 1947.) Used nonviolence.

How did india win independence?

Ghana use non violent actions such as boycotts and strikes. Can you took violent actions. Ghana- peaceful / Kenya- made by violence.

How did Ghana's path to freedom differ from that taken by Kenya?

1996- country's lawmakers wrote a new constitution. Work together to end Aparthied.

What steps toward democracy did South Africa take in the 1990s?

Terrorists can carry out attacks injuringand killing people. Makes governments vulnerable.

How is terrorism a threat to global security?

Military rule. Widespread poverty.

What obstacles to the development of democracy have confronted Latin American countries?

United Nations established Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What has been done to guarantee human rights?

More countries are using fossil fuels causing pollution and global warming.

How has the development of global economy affected the environment?