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The highest court in the country
supreme court
A system of goverment in which citizens elect representatives or leaders to make decisions about the law for all people.
Representative democracy
Why would our country be referred to as a nation of immigrants?
People have come here from so many places.
What are the judges called in the supreme court?
A branch of federal goverment. Its main job is to see that laws by congress are carried out.
Executive branch
Which branch of goverment is made up of the senate and the house of representatives?
legislative branch
Name four things that make us United?
1. We share a way of life
2. Singing the national anthem
3. When we say the pledge of allegiance
4. Celebrating our country's holidays
What is the main job of the judicial branch of goverment?
To see that laws are carried out fairly and to enforce laws.
Which branch of the goverment is known as congress?
legislative branch
Which branch of goverment is made up of the federal courts?
Judicial Branch
The plan for the federal goverment that describes the rights that the people of the United States have and it is the supreme law of the land.
What is the main job of the legislative branch?
to make laws.
A person who comes to live in a country from another place.
How many judges are in the supreme court?
A group made up of people by the same country. People with the same race and a common way of life.
ethnic group
What is the main job of the Executive branch of goverment?
to see that laws by congress are carried out.
The legislative branch of the federal goverment.
The most important court in the country is?
the supreme court
Which branch of goverment is headed by the president?
executive branch