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What are the things that go with Human-Enviroment Interactions?
How do people effect place?(build, pollution) How does place effect people?(natural disaster)
What are the 5 themes of history?
WHAT happened, WHO took part in it, WHEN did it happen, HOW and WHY did it happen?
What are the things that go with Movement?
How and why do people, ideas, goods move? transportation and communication
What are the things that go with Reigons?
How is this place different than others?
What goes with When Did It Happen?
(time line)
What are the things that go with Place?
What is it like there? Physical and Human features
Name the 5 themes of geography.
Location, place, human-enviroment interactions, movement, reigons
What goes with How And Why Did It Happen?
Cause, Effect, Analyze
What goes with What Happened?
1.Primary Sources
2.Secondary Sources
What goes with Who Took Part In It?
1.Historial Empathy
What are the things that go with Location?
Where is it? Absolute and Relative Location