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Fort Sumter

Union Fort- resupplying fort

Lincoln told governor of S.C. his plan to send in supplies

South attacked anyway (start of civil war)

What is was the capital of the South?

Richmond , Virginia

Who is the president of the South?

Jefferson Davis

What are the border states?

slave states that are a part of the union, Kentucky, Missouri, and Maryland

Define Martial law

Military force put in place by the government

Advantages and disadvantages of the north and south

Seven of the eight military colleges were in the south

North had strong naval tradition

North controlled all but 2 ship yards

North had larger population

North had more railroad

Define greenbacks

paper money used in the north

Define conscription


Define habeas corpus

you can't just arrest people without a trail

What did Lincoln/Davis suspend?

habeas corpus, took people's rights away

Did Southern states support national or state government , Why was this a problem

State, Limited what Davis could do

Did France Recognize The Confederacy? Did Britain? Why?

No, No, they were unwilling to risk war

Define attrition

the act of constant attacking to wear down

Why were many Southerners opposed to attrition?

they believed they were superior fighters

Anaconda plan

winfield scott , union, they would slowly destroy the south

What were the union's three main strategies?

-Blockade S ports

-Control the Mississippi

-Capture Richmond, VA