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Two or more individuals who live together and have a legally or normatively recognized relationship

Family can be based on?

Marriage birth or adoption

What does a family do?

Reproduction of a community and citizenry

Allocation of roles

Extended family

One or more parents, children, other kin, several generations living in the same household

Extended family is more common in

Lower income, immigrant and minority families

Nuclear family

Parents living with biological children apart from other kin


Culturally normative relationship usually between two individuals

What characterizes marriage

Economic cooperation, emotional intimacy, sexual relations

What legitimizes marriage

Law, religions, cultural norms

Endogenous marriage

Limited to partners who are members of the same social group

Anti-miscegenation laws

Prohibit interracial sexual relations and marriage

Loving v Virginia court caze

Dealt with interracial marriages


Person has only one spouse at a time


Person may have more than one partner at a time


Man has multiple wives


Woman has multiple husbands

Serial monogamy

Practice of having more than one wife or husband but only having one at a time

Family is a "------"

Factory of personalities

Women are socialized into_____roles


Men are socialized into_____roles


Sexual division of labor

dividing production by gender (men produce and women reproduce)

The sexual division of labor gives males______.

Privileged access to money, status, independence and opportunities

His marriage

Defines himself as burdened, constrained, while experiencing authority, independence, and right to sexual and domestic relationship

Her marrisge


Stress indicators

Married men and women are high in stress

Unmarried men and women are low in stress

In the preindustrial/agricultural era, the family

Were social and economic units

Multiple generations, children valued for production, enduring marriages

During industrial/urbanization, families___


What percent of families fall under the nuclear family definition


The nuclear family is less common amongst

Working class families

The feminine mystique

Women's discontent born of exclusion/ marginalization in the workplace, feelings of unfulfilment

Who experienced the feminine mystique

Primarily middle class white women

Family households

Immediate relatives such as husband wife and children

Non family households

Everyone else besides immediate relatives and those living alone

Excludes same sex couples


Partners live as if married but without marriages formal legal framework

Marriage and divorce rates are on the increase or decrease


How many states permit same sex marriage?

36 and DC

Civil unions

Legal unions that provide some state level legal rights and benefits

Domestic partnerships

Legal unions that provide a circumscribed spectrum of rights and benefits to same sex couples

How many federal and state benefits are there for marriage


How many state benefits for civil unions?

300 state benefits and 0 federal benefits

What percent of U.S. Residents are U.S. Born?



Living, working, worshipping, politically active in one nation while still maintaining ties to another nation

_____________migrants often have higher birth rates than native born us

First generation

concerted cultivation

middle class, negotiation, discussion, questioning of authority, cultivation of talents through activities.

accomplishment of natural growth

working class; directives, obedience, meet basic needs, unstructured play

this cultivates independence, low-skilled jobs, respect for authority and obedience.

1965 moynihan report

dysfunctions of the lower class black family

criticized as racist, sexist despite attention to structural factors as well

william julius wilson

argues that structure and culture interact to create normative contexts for behavior

edin and kefalas- promises i can keep

high value family, motherhood is achievable while marriage is not

how many people say that their college loans delayed marriage


how many people say that their college loans delayed having children


domestic violence

physical or sexual abuse committed by one family member against another

(adults to children, spousal, sibling, etc)

how many women have experienced intimate partner violence?

1 in 3

how many men have experienced intimate partner violence?

1 in 4

how many people who are abused will probably become abusers?


what percent of elderly experienced abuse or neglect?


what is the leading cause of homelessness nationally?

domestic violence, especially for women


the transmission of societys norms, values, and knowledge base by means of direct instruction

what is the first source of education?

family and community

formal education

mass education

extension of formal schooling to wide segments of the population

what were the first educational institutions in the US?

created by puritans for religious studies

public education

universal education system provided by the government and funded by tax payer revenues rather than student fees

credential society

one in which access to desirable jobs and social status depends on possesion of diploma certifying formal edu

functionalism and education (durkheim)

educational institutions socialize members and promote social mobility

manifest function

intended consequence

in education it is the transmission of general knowledge and specific skills

latent function

unintended consequences

propogation of societal norms and values, child care, peer socialization, reinforcement of gender norms.

critique of durkheim and functionalism

functions to reproduce inequality and may promote critical approach to dominant areas

conflict perspective and education

reproduces rather than reduces social stratification and ensures that discovery of talent will be limited

what stance states that lower income and minority children lack equal access to educational outcomes?

conflict perspective

conflict perspective: hidden curriculum socializes_____________ to accept their position in society

working class

symbolic interactionalism and education

study found teachers treat students that they believe to be gifted differently

self fulfilling prophecy

students come to see themselves through their teachers eyes and perform better or worse accordingly

__________receive higher grades than test scores

asian american women

_______Receive lower grades

latinos, african american, white men

world poverty

created out of an impoverished language environment

what translates into lower literacy?

less books, less spoken words, lower vocabs

functional literacy

ability to read and write at a level to fulfill everyday practical needs

what percentage of people fall below basic literacy?


what percentage of americans fall at basic literacy level?


what percentage of americans fall at proficient literacy levels?


school segregation

education of racial minorities in schools that are geographically, economically, socially seperated from those attended by whites

what was considered a crime for slaves?

reading and writing

_______schools remained segregated after jim crow laws


school busing

court-ordered program that transports public school students to schools outside their neighborhood

white flight to______


what perpetuates inequality in education?

property taxes

US students spend _____ time in the classroom


why was summer break created?

to meet the needs of vacationing elite

what are higher levels of education strongly associated with?

high levels of income and high levels of labor force participation

what has the shift to post industrial society meant?

less unionized, well paid manufacturing jobs and more low paid, low benefit, service sector jobs.

what is educational attainment a product of?

agency and structure

unpaid internships

used to pad resume

economically exploitative

lower income students lose out

how many people will graduate with a bachelors degree in 4 years in texas?


how many students complete college once they have begun?



a persons state of mental, physical, and social well being


institutionalized system of diagnoses, treatment, prevention of illness

preventative medicine

medicine promoting a healthy lifestyle to prevent poor health


rate of illness


rate of death

sick role

cultural definition of appropriate behavior and response to people labelled as sick

parsons and health and medicine

right to be excused from social responsibilities and "normal" social roles.

illness is biologically and socially defined

goffman and health and medicine

everyone expected to perform a certain role when someone is sick.

social construction of illness

illnesses that are culturally defined as legitimate allow the person to more readily take on the sick role

health care

all activities intended to sustain, promote and enhance health

what does an adequate health care system do

includes policies to minimize violence and chance of incidents

US is more______than other countries


what is the leading cause of death in US

gun violence and firearm accidents

US children are killed by guns ____more than other developed countries

11 times


leading cause of death in african american males

rates of homocide_____ in states with high rates of gun ownership


_____% of the victims of domestic violence are women


how many women are killed by intimate partners each day


how many adolescent females reported rape or sexual abuse by a dating partner?


lower income people:

more likely to live in areas with more air position, more exposure to violence, less exposure to safe areas to play, less likely to go to doctor for illness, less access to healthy food

white women life expectancy

81.3 yrs

black women life expectancy

78.2 years

white men life expectancy

76.6 years

black men life expectancy

72.1 years

who has the highest infant mortality rates?


what percent of people in the US are without health care?



48 million americans

elder insurance program and some younger residents with disabilities


1 in 6 ppl in the US

lower income children and adults

Affordable Care Act

can stay on parents insurance until 26 yrs old

make coverage more accessable and affordable

if youre not covered you pay a fine

criticisms to the ACA

gov is overstepping boundaries

socialized medicine

infrigment on right to choose

us spends more per capita on health care than any other country

public health

science and practice of health protection and maintenance at a community level

tuskagee syphillis study

injected syphillus into 400 black men and refused treatment in order to see what would happen

pharmaceutical companies use developing countries as___

test subjects