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How are messages divided what are their prosigns?
• Messages are divided into four common precedence categories:
- Routine (prosign R)
- Priority (prosign P)
- Immediate (prosign O)
- Flash (prosign Z)
As a subordinate writing to a
senior, which of the following
approaches should you avoid when
setting the tone of the letter?
1. Directing
2. Suggesting
3. Requesting
4. Recommending
1. Directing
How do the commands put out the EDVR
• The EDVR is a computer printout of the number of personnel in each rate at the command
Which of the following words hurt
naval writing by stretching
sentences, delaying meaning, and
hiding responsibility?
1. Request you
2. You are
3. I t i s
4 . I a m
3. I t i s
An endorsement may be placed on the
signature page of a naval letter under which
of the following circumstances?
1. The text of the endorsement consists of
a maximum of three lines
2. The basic letter and the endorsement
bear the same security classification
3. The security classification of the
endorsement is lower than that of the
basic letter
4. The space on the signature page of the
basic letter is sufficient to
accommodate the entire endorsement
4. The space on the signature page of the
basic letter is sufficient to
accommodate the entire endorsement
Who is responsible for the proper
addressing of messages?
1. Originator
2. Addressee
3. Releaser
4. Drafter
4. Drafter
Which of the following logs is used
by your division or department to
maintain its supply inventory?
1. EDL
2. JSN
4. POA&M
What should be your first concern in
drafting correspondence?
1. Format
2. Purpose
3. Distribution
4. Security classification
2. Purpose
When a message is unclassified, what word
or abbreviation should appear on the
classification line?
Minimize requires message drafters and
releasers to make which of the following
1. Is the message as short as possible
2. Is electrical transmission essential
3. Can the message be sent at a later date
4. May the message be sent to more than
one addressee
2. Is electrical transmission essential
Naval messages may have a total of (a)
how many originators and (b) how many
action and information addresses?
1. (a) One (b) one each
2. (a) Two (b) two each
3. (a) Three (b) unlimited
4. (a) One (b) unlimited
4. (a) One (b) unlimited
The order that references appear in
reference block of a naval
letter is based on which of the
following factors?
1. The OPNAV/SECNAV number
2. The length of the title of the
3. The order in which they appear
in the text
4. The numerical listing
3. The order in which they appear
in the text
Why is delegated authority delegated to title rather than names
• Delegated signatures are delegated to titles rather than names, because people come and go but the position will be their and assumed by someone.
A little time should be spent in
your office in the morning and
afternoon, then the rest of your
time should be spent in the work
1. True
2. False
1. True
Which of the following writing
practices is the best approach to a
subject when writing a directive?
1. Write in the “third person”
s t y l e
2. Write directly to a user
3. Write in terms of “how to”
4. Write in terms of “how to”
c h e c k l i s t s
2. Write directly to a user