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What are Golden Fingers?
Sierra Gold signature dish; chicken breast breaded & deep fried-- mild, medium, hot (basically, CHICKEN FINGERS)
What are good menu suggestions for children?
Appetizers page--- plain boneless wings, mozzarella sticks, cheese quesadilla
What are the two pizza sizes?
12" ($10.99/medium) and
16" ($15.99/large)
What comes on a plain (make-your-own) pizza?
Mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan cheese plend and private label tomato sauce
How much are additional toppings on a pizza?
75 cents each for the 12" pizza; 1.00 each for the 16"
Which menu items take longer to cook (alert customer)?
Stromboli; pizza
What are Coo Coo Fries (and chips)?
Fries tossed with our seasoning blend-- salt, black pepper, sugar, and cayenne pepper
Which menu items do not come with fries?
Salads, appetizers, pizzas, stromboli, soups, French Dip
What items may a customer substitute for french fries?
onion rings, side salad (usually extra $1.00 charge)

also, coleslaw or chips may be substituted at no extra charge
What three soups do we offer?
Sierra Chili (served in a bread bowl with onions, sour cream, cheddar, and pepper jack cheese),

Soup Bowl (can't order in a bread bowl) comes with rice, veggies, cilantro & meatballs. Ask to add chicken (shrimp or steak also available)

Clam Chowder (can be ordered in a bread bowl)
What is the Sierra Gold Zookie?
One of the Sierra Gold Signature dishes--- giant, warm cookie (chocolate chip or macadamia nut) served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce
What are the three desserts offered?
Sierra Gold Zookie (signature dish), chocolate lava cake (warm, with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce), and apple & seasonal fruit cobbler (mixed)
What is included in the breakfast special?
Two eggs any style, home fries, choice of toast, choice of either bacon or sausage, coffee (not unless they ask) *additional beverages extra
How much is the breakfast special?
What kinds of toast are offered?
White, wheat, rye, sourdough
What are entree's served with?
Seasonal veggies, and a choice of Coo Coo fries, chips, or mashed potatoes

add onion rings or a salad for $1.00
What entree's can you not add onion rings to?

baked penne bolognese; garlic shrimp and angel hair pasta; golden shepard's pie
(add house salad for $1.00)
What salad dressings do we offer?
ranch, bleu cheese, italian, 1000 island, balsamic vinagrette, honey mustard
What white wine is offered by J.F. Lurton?
A Pinot Gris from Argentina; $5 a glass
What is one of the mid-range Chardonnay's we offer?
Trevor Jones "Virgin" Chardonnay from Australia; $8 a glass
What white wine is offered by the Chateau St. Michelle label?
Riesling from the Chateau St. Michelle in Columbia Valley Washington; $12/glass
Where is our Merlot from and what label is it under?
Canoe Ridge Merlot from Columbia Valley, Washington; $11/glass
What is one of the featured red wines?
Lava Cap Syrah; $9/glass
What red wine do we feature from Napa that has an aroma of berries, chocolate, and baking spices?
Chappellet "Mountain Cuvee" Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley; $14/glass
Do we offer a blush wine?
Yes; white zinfandel from California
Do we offer champagne (sparkling white wine)?
yes- mini cuvee brut prestige (more woody), and mini Sofia (as in Coppolla) Blanc de Blancs *excellent rating- fruity
What are three Imported bottled beers?
Heineken, Amstel Light, Beck's
Name 5 beers we have on tap
Widmer Hef, Fat Tire, Guinness, Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada, Sierra Gold, Newcastle, Sam Adams