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Gathering atended by several potential eployers who can distibute information about the organization and briefly discuss career opperuniies with interested job seekers.
"Job fair"
A person whlo applies for employment with a specific company.
"Job applicant"
A resume that lists the jobs a person has held in order from most recent work expieriance to earliest work expieriance.
"Chronological resume"
The process of zseeking employment.
"Job search"
A resume that highlights qualifications, skills, and accomplishments over dates jobs held.
"functional resume"
Is the information about an organization that is hireing new employees and the name of person who is responsible for hireing.
"Job lead"
a list of accurate information about an person that employers may ask for when tghat person fills out an application.
"Personal data sheet"
Abbreviations used in job advertisements to get as much information aspossible into limited space.
"Job jargon"
A written summary of job seeker's employment objectives, work expieriance, education and training, proven skills, and certaon personal information.
Any service that helps a job seeker find employment.
"Employement service"
A letter regarding interest in specific job opening that accompanies the resume introducing the job seeker to the potential employer.
"Cover letter"
Useing personal contacts to find a job.
People who have agreed to provide with a written verbal statement about a job applicant character or ability.
The type and number of jobs available.
"Job market"
An interview used by an employment agency to eliminate job seekers who are obviously unsuted for a particular job opening.
"Initial screening"