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Tai ten ichi
S: Taigamae
A: Jo Chu
D: gyaku uwa uke (up) block and jun shita uke

Reverse Skeet en ichi.
Gyaku ten ichi (omote/ura)

Stance: Hiraki (Omote) Tai (Ura)

Attack: jodan ski gyaku chudan jun zuki.
D (Omote): Uch Uke and then hiraki block to jun kick
D (Ura): S: Tai. hirak-sagari, uchi uke, harai uke, geri.

ten = high attack ichi = one attack and back kick learnt with blue

Kon ten ichi

Stance: Hiraki

Attack: jun furi zuki, chudan gyaku choku (Straight) zuki

Defence: Step off and defend

Jun geri chi ichi ren han ko (ura/omote)
Stance: Tai.
Attack: hebite z - snake attack (not toro) and kintecki kick
Defence: yoko muso; ken uke to taisho (balls defence)
Gyaku geri chi ichi ren han ko (ura/omote)

Stance : Both

Attack: hebite z - snake attack (not toro)
D: yoko muso; ken uke to taisho

balls kick
Harai uke chi ni
S: Hiraki.
Attack: jun mawashi geri followed gyaku jodan suki
Defence: From kesshu. harai uke Misuneo Sensei says to step back deeply (make sure you don't open you arems like in kata), gyaku uche uki suki

Jun geri chi san
S: Hiraki
A : jun sokuto Front Kick, jo chu (3 low strikes)
D : (keshu) step to line up final kick. Hariuki which sets up a very fast skeet en ich. ren han ko

Gyaku geri chi san ren han ko
S : Hiraki
A: gyaku kinteki, jun shuto giri chudan zuki
D : balls punch towards the foot and step sideways with skeet en ich
Hangetsu geri
S : Tai
A : face punch gyaku zuki.
D : Midare gamme guide hand down and kick to stomach
Keri ten ichi sukui kubi nage (ura)
Stance : Taigame
Attack : Gyaku suki followed quickly with mawashi gei (keri ten ichi)
Defence : Soto Uke. Hare uki, turn up to support the attackers leg. Front kick. Throw or face plant the attacker.

In San Dan embu. Wrong kick in grading 2016.

Hasami Uke. Hasami = scissors, shears.

Tanto furi age ryusui geri
S: Tai.
A: Crazy arse knife stab down from above.
D: aiki gamae, mae ryusui geri
Tanto tsuki komi shita uke uchi otoshi geri
Stance: Tai.
Attacker: knife stab to chudan.
Defence: hasso games, strike wrist/yokei both hands (like chop) ren han ko.
Tanto tsuki komi shita uke geri kote nage
S: Tai.
A: knife attack stab chudan.
D: hasso gamae, aim to get attacker to drop knife not on you. take down. tembin gatamae
Gyakute nage, Gyakute gatame
Attacker : gyaku gote and pull in.

Defence: Wrap under their arm. Gyakute gatame wrap pin involves using two hands apply pressure on the wrist.

Ryu nage, Ryu gatame

Stance : Tai ?

Attack : gyaku gote
Defence: start gyaku gote slip off the hand. Slide arm down attacker's arm and drop arm to floor. Continue into the pin by locking on the elbow and applying pressure on the locked wrist.

Soto maki tembin

Attacker: gyaku gote, as the kageta applied the Attacker straightens their arm

Defence : keep upright. Twist A arm and step onto their elbow (tembin)

2015 Oct on Aled walk away for a step.

May 18 Delphine

Kanute suggested hitting uchi point. On Delphine it was about find the a point of the drop and guiding her down.

Uwa uke nage
S: Tai.
A: (shuto) ura ken uchi. back of first to the temple of head
D: kakete uke; uwa uke and chudan punch, grab elbow from underneath and bring parallel to belt and a little more so their elbow is touch higher. force them into a nage take down. kannuki gatame
Uwa uke gyakute nage
S: Tai.
A: (shuto) ura ken uchi. back of first to the temple of head and this time pull back after ura ken.
D: uwa uke and chudan punch, grab top of the hands in wrapped elbow to elbow. Use both hands to take down try to keep elbow to elbow. gyakute gatame. think of Aleds helix roller coaster across head pin.
Hiki tembin


shikake waza.

Defender: Pull across wrist toward hip and turn up. Strike gori/ tembin and drop to the floor. On Mitsuko this has to be done sideways pull and the strike is a slide up the arm.

Gyaku hiki tembin
S: Tai or Hiraki (as for gyaku gote)
A: push away
D: as for hiki and gassho tembin pull across turn
Gassho hiki tembin
JUHO: wrist grab
from hand shake
pull across
Morote wa nuki
S: Hiraki.
A: attempt se nage, elbows out
D: two handed - yori nuki and koto nuki

(Linked to Morote maki nuki but the attack doesn't go so far around)
Morote maki nuki
S: Hiraki.
A: attempt se nage. two hand grab to wrist, and try to swing for a judo like throw
D: jun mawashi atemi. kagite & make nuki escape

(Linked to Morote wa nuki but the attack goes further around) ASK
Morote gyaku gote, Tate Ichiji gatame, Sekoshi Ichiji gatame, Kumo Garami
S: Hiraki
A: Two handed gyaku gote
D: Ura g first; Tate standing kick etc Garami = wrapping
Morote Okuri gote nage, Baku ho ichi

"Baku ho ichi" = tie up

Stance: Hiraki

Attacker : pontza naga (As for morote maki nuki) Defender: ura g first. Once on the ground straddle the attacker lock hand. Using your own belt tie the wrist. feed the belt under the neck (twist?) and tie other wrist. Should be able to raise the attacker with the belt.

Okuri tembin dori (two types)
S: Hiraki.
A1.shikake waza A2. from okuri gote
D1. Shikake waza grab wrist okuri and strike tembin
D2. Shikake waza lift and push tembin. grab and pull wrist back. pull down towards your belt and move so A fall to their knees

Yasue Sensei says not to focus on straight/locked arm
Okuri dori
S: Tai.
A: None
D: shikake waza; walk past & grab wrist. Do not touch tembin.

Hiji nuki mae tembin

S: Tai.

A: ryote dori, push one hand back. really exaggerated/

D: kagiete front hand. use NECK and step to take down

using MY neck to attack tembin

Ridiculous technique

Okuri hiji zeme


Attacker : Normal Okuri Grab
Defence: try to do okuri gote, but Attacker pulls arm in. Push to get dori on the wrist and pull in. Lightly hold the wrist against the shoulder or chest. Gassho with other hand, push down on elbow. Roll shoulder like jahaku dori and take down.

Black Belt Course 2016 Nov


Ben focuses on bowing and small hook.Okuri = to send

Tsuri otoshi
S: Hiraki. (As for maki tembin)
A: for okuri gote ? and spin around with elbow to head
D: start throw and then lock arm straight and throw away
Tsuri age dori
S: Tai
A: shikake waza; grab wrist first
D: grab right arm lock behind the A hold other arm on tembin

The police lock
Hiki muna otoshi
one handed muna otoshi

Tai. A: grab lapel. D: aiki; use one hand
Ryo muna otoshi
S: Tai.
A: two handed lapel grab
D: aiki, strike sumyaku. underneath hand pushes up and other hand strikes down with side of arm. This down hand then locks onto the other A hand.
Maki otoshi
S: Tai
A: lapel grab and pull
D: GGedan, wrap hand it dogi and drop to floor

Soto maki otoshi

S: Tai.

A: making Otoshi grab as technique applied push, straightens up.

D: Gedan Gamae. twist upper body and use mimazai (side) on their wrist. twist their arm and for Mitziko pull arm across your body. let them fall. apply tembin gatame

Nuki uchi oshi gote
S: Tai.
A: grab both wrists, twist in for oshi gote and straightens the arms to make oshi gote impossible
D: nuki uchi WHACK, oshi gote
Ninin nuki

"ninin = two persons, pair, couple"

"nisha = two things, two persons"

Stance: Ax2 either side of defender

Attacker: Each person grabs an arm each & pulls
Defender: Drift towards stronger person. sankaku from hardest side, release from weakest as you wish.

So Doshin's Motivation and Goals for the Founding of Kempo
the person the person the person
On Chinkon Practice
part of training, recitation, done together. Not removed by Big M. Focus on Dokun.
The Six Distinguishing Characteristics of Kempo
Ken Zen Ichinyo and riki ai funi (love/campassion)

Shushu koju (defence primary) and fusatsu katsujin (don't kill)

Go ju ittai and Kumaite shutai

Three Teachings of Ken
shu ha ri
The Three Elements of Kempo
gi learn proper techniques
jutsu skill apply techniques
ryaku strategy

elements think of your gi floating down juta dirty river with washing racks
Key Principles used for Kempo
keimyaku no ri (pressure points)
kagite no ri (moving heavy things)
Teko no ri (lever)
kuruma no ri (wheel)
Hazumi no ri (momentum)
others human body. reflex. motor nerves.psychology
Technical Classifications of Kempo

library with jon giving a massage
On Mind, Ki, and Strength
shin, ki tai ryoku

aim to align three
happo moku
heijoshin calm
zanshin (vigilance)