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The father of Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa. His name in English terms meant Hard Striker. He was killed in the Battle of Pt. Pleasant after making his older son promise that neither Tecumseh or he would ever sign a white man's treaty.
This Indian was Chief of the Mingos. He married a Shawnee woman. He later became converted to the Christian faith and lived in peace with the whites and the Indians. One day, while he was gone, frontiersmen came into his tribe and murdered many of his people, including his whole family. He united with the Shawnee to achieve vengence for the death of his family.
Chief Logan
This chief gave control of the Shawnee lands in Ohio to the whites and agreed to live like the whites. He disgusted Tecumseh, who refused to abide by his agreement with the whites. Their disagreement with one another would become well known in council meetings with the whites, even though their split with one another was respectful of each other.
Black Hoof
Dried and smoked meat strips that the Shawnee depended on for food.
An Indian tribal group from New York area that had formed a large confederation of tribes. This Confederation sold the lands of the Shawnee without their consent and told the whites that they were the heads of the Shawnee. The Shawnee considered them as enemies.
A double row of Shawnee Indians holding switches and clubs that a captive would be forced to run through. This running captive would be hit but if he showed bravery and was not killed in the process, he would be adopted into the Shawnee tribe.
A small wood hut that one could go in to be steamed of illnesses or impurities.
Sweat Lodge
A circle wooden frame with deer hide meant to protect the warrior in battle.
A unflattering name that the white people called Indians.
A weapon made by the Shawnee males out of bendable and pliable wood. The sticks would have flint ends that had been crafted into points and then sent by the wood sling into animals for food or enemies for war.
Bow and arrows
Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa's town that attracted many tribes from around the country.
Prophet's Town
This white boy, Marmaduke van Swearingen, was captured by the Shawnee when he was 17 years old. He had wanted to be captured and to become a Shawnee. He ran the gauntlet with bravery and was adopted by Tecumseh's father. He became one of the most famous and leading war chief's of his time. His hatred of whites became well known.
Blue Jacket
Corn, Bean, and Squash were known as?
The Three Sisters
This territory of the Shawnee where their famous town of Chillicothe was became known as the state of?
An agreement between the whites and Indians.
The Shawnee called their long ago ancestors?
The Ancients
Purple and white shell beads that were woven into a belt and used as a sort of money and token of a promise.
A gathering of Indians ruled by their own chief.
This needlework of floral designs from colored porcupine quills were used on the Shawnee clothing.
This plant was grown by the Shawnee to use in Spiritual exercises. The whites abused this plant, and many of today's diseases are generated by it.
This Shawnee guide helped La Salle to discover the Ohio River.
A small Indian town.
A round section of the head and hair of a victim taken as a trophy of war.
This metal was highly prized by the Shawnee in the making of jewerly.
This land that of the Shawnee's claim was part of the sacred hunting grounds known as Cain-Tuck-ee. A section of this was settled by Boone and became the state of?
A gathering of the Shawnee members to discuss important matters.
A brother of Tecumseh, who in earlier years, was a rude drunk who was not very trustworthy. He had a vision in his thirtys that he visited Heaven and talked with the Great Spirit. He then became the prophet of the Indians and worked with Tecumseh in uniting them.
Tenskwatawa, the Prophet
The spiritual female god of the Shawnee's in English terms.
Our Grandmother
These birds with human faces lived in Heaven. When they would beat their wings, we would hear what we call thunder.
A token of the Great Spirit that a Shawnee boy received after four months of diving in cold water. This trek began in autumn and ended in the winter when the ice would have to be broken first before diving in. On the last day of this trek, the boy would dive in three times and on the third dive he would gather up what his hand could find on the bottom of the river bed. Within that, he would find his spirit token.
A woven wood stretcher used to carry bundles.
A religious dancing festival that celebrated the harvest of corn.
The Green Corn Dance
An animal skin envelope that acted as a pocket or purse.
A religious festival meant to ensure a good hunt. It was celebrated by creating a wheel of life with packets of seeds and tuffs of animal fur as a gift for the Great Spirit, by the baking of many loaves of bread, and by a ball game between the men and women. Such acts were considered pleasing to the Great Spirit and thus made him generous in providing animals for the hunt.
Bread Dance
Tanned deer hide that Shawnee clothing was made from.
A building of the Shawnee would be called?
A lodge
A cloth wrap worn as a hat by Shawnee males.
After the Battle of Fallen Timbers, the Shawnee met to sign a treaty that would give up much of their native land and their white prisoners of war. What was the name of that treaty?
Greenville Treaty
A journey where a young male Shawnee would undertake to meet his Spirit Helper. He would be painted black on his face and become to the people "invisible." He then would fast till he had met up with the animal that would be his Spirit Helper.
Vision Quest
Indian male who fought in a war or battle.
A clan of the Shawnee that chiefs could come through that was thought to have joined with the other groups at a later time. It's power was suppose to have equaled the Chillocothe clan and thus they shared the leadership roles.
Thawikila sept
This chief of all the Shawnee felt that the white race could not be beaten. He desired not to fight the whites, but he did lead the raid against Pt. Pleasant, in present West Virginia, due to the fact that his people felt it important to stop the whites before they destroyed them. After their defeat in this raid, he would mark a treaty with the whites not to invade again. After some Shawnee raids not under his authority were made, he went to the fort that was now at Pt. Pleasant to explain that he and his band had not broken their treaty, but he was murdered by soldiers while there.
Leather shoes of the Shawnee
The mother of Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa whose name in English means Turtle Laying Her Eggs in the Sand.
A wood carrier for Shawnee babies that was thought to make them straight and give them patience. It also created a flat spot on the back of Shawnees' heads.
A group that shares identity, organization, and property based on their belief in their descent from a common ancestor. The Shawnee were divided into 5 of these sects.
The clan of the Shawnee that held the religious leaders. This clan also was in charge of health, healing, and food.
Mekoche Sept
A leader of a group of Indians
A white man's name for an Indian maid or maiden that in the Shawnee tongue meant whore.
Sweetening of the Shawnee that was harvested in early spring from tapping trees.
Maple or Elm syrup
This famous frontiersman of Kentucky was captured by the Shawnee, and he so impressed the chief of the time, Black Fish, that he was adopted into the tribe. His Indian name became Big Fish. His heart never did become Shawnee, and he escaped to warn his English village of an impending Shawnee attack.
Daniel Boone
Indian carvings and inscriptions on rocks are called?
The clan of the Shawnee that acted as speakers for the Chief.
Pekowi or Piqua Sept
Buckskin pant legs worn by the Shawnee during colder months.
Land given to the Indians by the American government that they were expected to stay on and never leave.
The small, cloth flap worn by Shawnee males.
The clan of the Shawnee where the warriors came from. This clan also gave the Shawnee their War and Peace Chiefs.
Kishpoko Sept
A wooden bark boat used by the Shawnee
A wooden stick weapon with a larger oval ending sometimes made out of hard wood, metal, or studded with metal tips used to bash in the heads of enemies.
War Club
A dome shaped, bark covered home of the Shawnee.
These were the ancestors of the Shawnee who left many of their earthworks as evidence of their existence in the Ohio Valley.
Mound Builders
A wooden face covering with scary designs meant to chase away evil spirits often worn by the shaman in curing illnesses or during religious ceremonies.
Spirit Mask
A name given to male Indians by whites.
Many white prisoners were taken into the Shawnee tribe through a ritual exercise of?
The Shawnee believed that the spirits from they mystic world talked with them and gave them truths if they learned how to listen to them. These truths were whispered in thunder, wind, water, tobacco, and various other sources. They were called?
Truth Bearers
Each sect of the Shawnee has a package of sacred items that Our Grandmother gave them to help protect them during war. This package is treated like a human being and is tended each day with special care.
Sacred Bundle
An interwoven grapevine circle that was thought to capture good dreams while letting bad dreams slip through.
Dream Catcher
Each member of the Shawnee carried a small pocket of good luck charms that supposedly could be used to create magic.
Medicine bag
A person who moves from place to place, never staying long periods in any one place. The Shawnee were know as being this type of people.
A mystic, religious healer of the tribe.
Bark baskets, often with a lid and pretty quillwork.
This name of the Indians meant Southerners.
This Shawnee chief worked at gathering all Native tribes of America to fight the whites continuing immigration into their homelands. He was a very powerful speaker who encouraged the people to forsake all connections to the white men's culture, and the last free chief of the old ways for the Shawnee.
Dense woods that the Shawnee depended on to live.
A story passed down for generations that attempts to explain why things are the way they are.
The Indian tribe that was considered the grandfather tribe of the Shawnee
The Delaware
Picture writing that was used to communicate between Indians. The Shawnee would sometimes write on skins but often on bark.
This law was issued October 7, 1763 by the British Government forbidding and settlements west of the Allegheny Mountains. It also created three new provinces: Quebec, East and West Florida.
The Proclamation of 1763
The hatchet of the Shawnee used in battle. During times of declaring war, it was covered with red clay and sent to other tribes to gather their support.
This lady was kidnapped from Draper's Meadow in present West Virginia by the Shawnee and was made a member of their tribe. She escaped and made her way back home over a hard trek of 1000 miles.
Mary Engles
A wooden frame interlaced with vine to help the Shawnee walk on snow.
A marriage dance held by the Shawnee where interested parties could become married or engaged if they so liked.
Frolic Dance
The first major battle in the Cain-Tuck-ee lands between the whites and the Shawnee.
Battle of Pt. Pleasant
One of the clans of the Shawnee that tribal chiefs could come from. It was the oldest chief clan.
Chalaakaatha or Chillocothe Sept
An organized clearing out of the homeland.
The Shawnee called this the Star Bridge of Souls and believed it was the bridge that one traveled after they died and was on their way to Heaven.
The Milky Way
This spirital sign would indicate what the Great Spirit would have a child to be named. The people responsible for naming a new born would be on close lookout for this sign that would classify the child into one of twelve name groups. Some of those name groups would be wild cats, bears, snakes, turtles, turkeys, etc.
The Shawnee's name for white Englishmen.
Long Knives
Dried fruit strips
Fruit Leather
A planned quick attack on a settlement or other tribe.
Consider the Serpent's poison of the white man that had a devasting effect on the Shawnees.
A journey of war
A red headdress worn by warriors made out of dyed porcupine quills, red turkey beards, or red deer hair that made a fan shape on the head.
The center lodge of a Shawnee village that all the wigwams circled and were the councils often met. During an attack on the village, it acted as a fort for protection of the women, children, and old men.
Council House
A Shawnee month was called?
The major battle that pretty well ended most of the Shawnee's hope to maintain control of their land. After this battle, many chiefs, including Blue Jacket and Black Hoof, signed treaties with the whites and tried to assimilate into the white culture.
Battle of Fallen Timbers
A small group of Shawnee practiced this act of eating human flesh of their enemies. Most Shawnee looked down on them and considered them witches.
An animal that became the personal guardian of a Shawnee and would communicate to him wisdom from the Great Spirit.
Spirit Helper
The language family of the Shawnee.
This land was fiercly fought over as part of the Sacred Hunting Grounds of Cain-Tuck-ee. It was in this state that the Battle of Pt. Pleasant was fought.
West Virginia