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Device and other things you can Touch?
Programs and data
How many sizes of computers and what are they?
3 sizes, Main Frame, Minicomputer, and Microcomputer
How many different Basic Operations of a Computer are there and what are they?
4, and they are Input, Output, Storage, and Processing
what are the two parts of a CPU?
Control Unit, and ALU
What does ALU stand for?
Arithmetic Logic Unit
What does CPU stand for?
Central Processing Unit
The type of storage that is faster, smaller amount, More expensive, No Moving parts.
Primary Storage
A type of primary storage and what it stands for
RAM random Access Memory
What type of stage is temporary storage that goes away when the computer is turned off?
primary storage
device that reads and writes to the medium
the actual physical thing that is written
secondary storage consists of two parts, what are they?
drive and medium
Storage that is slower, larger amount, more expensive, has moving parts
secondary storage
Creates a connection between all the parts of a computer
Holds a smallprogram called BIOS, stored on a CMOS chip
What two types of duties does firmware have?
Searches secondary storage devices for an operating system, and identifies computer hard ware so the operating system can access it
What does the computer use for it to work
binary numbers Bits>bytes
what does the zero mean?(0)
what does the one mean? (1)
what obeject does this make 0111 0110?
lowercase v
0111 0110 is a ?
single byte
How much is a bit?
a single on or off
How much is a byte?
8 bits
How much is a kilobyte?
100 bytes
How much is a Mega byte?
1000 kilobytes
How much is a Gigabyte?
1000 megabytes
How many Computer languages and what are they?
3 Machine, Assembly, High-level
list examples of computer languages(3)
Java C++, pascal
What are the two types of sooftware?
Operating system, Applications
Whats are some types of operating syatems?
Windows, DOS, Mac
A piece of software that manages the hardware of the computer
Operating System
What does CLI stand for
command line interface
what does GUI stand for
graphical user interface
Appear vertically in a worcheet and are identified by letters at the top of the worksheet window
Lines that are placed around text for emphasis or decoration
adding colors or grays to emphasize text
Pictures that help illustrate the meaning of the text or that make the page more attractive
graphics that are already dawn and available for use in documents
clip art
a copy of selected text is placed on the clipboard while the original text remains in the document
text is copied from the clipboard to the location of the insertion point in the document
seperates one page from another
page breaks
text that is printed at the top of the page
text that is printed at the bottom of the page
entry point of a cell(excell)
data is wider in the column