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agreement between 2 or more parties can be written or verbal


both sides have to get something otherwise its not a valid contract

statue of frauds

some contracts have to be written

parole evidence rule

if a contact is signed and finalized all other negotiations and promises etc do not matter if they are not specified in the finalized contract


one party stops or makes the other party do something while the case is taking place

- temporary restraining orders


Often times state law requires cases to go to this in an attempt to work it out amicably before going to court


acts as a judge

collective bargaining

players union agents can negotiate with teams on behalf of the group


the plaintiff has to be directly injured to sue

ex partay

if you have a hearing in front of a judge without the other side there

pro se

when the plaintiff or defendant represents themselves

due process

no person should be without life, liberty or property

intermediate scrutiny

age and gender discrimination

strict scrutiny

race, religion, and ethinicty

first ammendment

- freedom of speech, press, and religion

establishment clause

you cannot establish a religion

free exercise clause

you can believe in whatever religion you want

ADA Title 1

No discrimination with job application, hiring, advancement, discharge, compensation, etc

ADA Title 2

Should be not denied benefits or be excluded from participation

ADA Title 3

Full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of any place of public accomodation

Civil rights act

no segregation based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin

title 9

no gender discrimination

1. Male and female student athlete numbers must be substantially proportional

2. Showing a history or program expansion for the discriminated gender

3. offering athletic opportunities to all those who want them

One of the following 3 benchmarks must be met to comply with title 9

Title 7 of the Civil rights act

protects against discrimination for compensation on the basis of race, religion, color, country of national origin, and sex


rights to own your works of art (books)


rights to own your works art (logos)

image rights

if you use a professional athlete or celebrities image you have to pay them

sherman anti trust law

prevents one company from having too much market share


a few dominant businesses

predatory pricing

when bigger companies lower their prices below market value to try to eliminate smaller companies