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mitosis and cytoplasmic division function in the?
asexual reproduction, and gametes formation in prokaryotes
A duplicated chromosome has ____ chromadis?
in a chromosome, a _____ is a constricted region with attachment sites for microtubules?
a somatic cell having 2 of each type of chromsome has an _____ chromosome number?
interphase is the part of the cell cycle when _________?
a cell grows and duplicates its DNA
after mitosis, the chromosome number of a daughter cell is _____ the parents cell?
the same as
only ____ is not a stage of mitosis?
what happens in metaphase?
all duplicated chromosomes are aligned at the spindle equator
what happens in prophase?
chromosomes start to condense
what happens in telophase?
chromosomes decondense and daughter nuclei form
what happens in Anaphase?
sister chromatids move apart
sexual reproduction requires?
An animal cell having 2 rather then 1 of each type of chromosome has a ______ chromosome number?
Generally a pair of homologous chromosomes _____?
carries the same genes, have the same length and shape, and interact in meiosis
meiosis ______ the parental chromosome number.
Meiosis in a division muchanism that produces _____?
4 nuclei
before the onset of meiosis, all chromosomes are _______?
Duplicated chromosomes move away from their homologue and end up at the opposite spindle pole during________?
anaphase 1
sister chromatids of each duplicated chromosome move apart and end up at opposite sindle poles during _____?
anaphase 2
a chromosome number is?
sum of all chromosomes in all cells of a given type
alleles are?
difffernt molecular forms of the same gene
Metaphase 1 is?
pairs of homologous chromosomes are now aligned at the spindle equator
what is interphase?
none between miosis 1 and 2
a heterozygote has a _____ for the trait being studied.
pair of nonidentical alleles
the observable trait of an organism is its ____?
second generation offsprings from a croos are the _____?
hybrid generation
a karyotype is?
number of defining features of an individuals metaphase chromosomes
what is translocation
chromosome segment moves to a nonhomologous chromosome
what is a linkage group
all genes of a given chromosome
what is nonjustification?
causes gametes to have abnormal chromosome numbers