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Same side wrist grab #1

Clean off

Reverse elbow

Knee smash

Same side wrist grab #2

Front snap


Palm to face

#3 cross grab

Step back clean off

Slide up

reverse punch


#4 cross grab

Arm bar

#5 double wrist grab

Step inward shoot hand towards opposite knee and grabbing their wrist fallowing backfist to groin

#6 double wrist grab

Curled hands togather above head fallow with knife hand strike to temple

#7 double shoulder grab

Stepback circle motion clear arms

Rear leg front kick

Backfist to head

#8 double shoulder


Reach over elbow strike

9 rear bear hug


Grab top hand

Wrist lock behind back

10 rear bear hug

Hip check

Throw elbows to break grip

Rear leg back kick

11 front bear hug

Check hips

Leg sweep

12 front bear hug

Double back hand strike to groin

Cross step hip throw

13 headlock

Wrap arm over near side shoulder ,around face and under the nose apply pressure to clear opponent to the ground

14 headlock

Ridge hand to groin

Thumb pressure to back of knee

15 front two hand choke

Apply pressure to wrist

Double outward wrist lock

Front kick

16 choke

Step back clear hands wth lead arm

Trap wrist with rear hand

Follow with lead elbow strike

Back kick

17 shove

Trap one hand pivot 180

Outside leading wrist lock

Step 180 with front foot

18 shove

Step back turn sideways

Trap with rear hand

Upward Palm strike to chin

19 Haymaker


Ridge hand

Grab collar

Side kick back of knee

20 haymaker

Lead knife strike to bicep

Reverse elbow

Rear knee strike