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3 Immunosuppressants that Inhibits IL-2 transcription or signal transduction and thus inhibit T cell activation

*Cyclosporine (binds cyclophilin to inhib. calineurin)

*Tacrolimus (binds FKBP to inhib. calcineurin)

*Sirolimus (binds FKBP to inhibit MTOR)


1) Ab against CD20

2) Ab against VEGF

3) Ab against Gp 2b/3a

4) Tyr. Kinase inhibitor against bcr-abl fusion protein and c-kitt

5) Ab against RANK-L to inhibit Clasts


2) Bevacizumab

3) Abciximab (anti-plt used for prophylactively in pts undergoing angioplasty)

4) Imatinib

5) Denosumab

Directly inhibit thrombin

Argatroban & Bivalirudin

*used in HIT pts

Directly inhibit factor Xa

ApiXaban & RivaroXaban

*used for DVT & PE prophylaxis and Stroke prophylaxis in A-fib pts.

*unlike warfin, no lab monitoring necessary

Irreversibly Inhibit ADP receptor to prevent insertion of Gp2b/3a and thus inhibits plt cross-linking

Clopidogrel & Ticlopidine

*Used in combo w/ ASA after MI or stroke

*Ticlopidine used in ASA/Clopidogrel allergic

Increase cAMP in plt by inhibiting Phosphodiesterase III.

*Leads to inhibition of plt aggregation and direct vasodilation!*

Cilostazole and Dipyridoamole

*used for PAD or in combo w/ ASA after MI or stroke

S-phase specific agent that inhibits ribonucleotide reductase to decrease DNA Synthesis


*also increase HbF and is thus used in sickle cell pts

___ inhibits topo II to increase DNA degradation, while ____ inhibits topo I to prevent DNA unwindering.

Etoposide = Topo II (used in testicular cancer!)

"-Tecans" = Topo I

What 4 drugs cross-link DNA?


Nitrosureas ("mustines")


Platinums (used in testicular cancer)

What antitumor ABXes intercalate DNA and damage it via free radical production?

Dactinomycin (childhood tumors)

Doxo- and Daunorubcin

Bleomycin (used in testicular cancer)

Block Leukotriene receptors to prevent neutrophil chemotaxis (Leuko B4) and increase bronchial tone (LTC/D/E4)

Zafilukast & Montelukast

*asthma prophylaxis in kids

Inhibits Lipoxygenase to block the production of leukotreines


*asthma prophylaxis

↓ Plt aggregation

↓ bronchial tone

↓ vascular tone

↓ uterine tone

*Produced by COX1/2 and thus inhibited by ASA, NSAIDs, and Acetominophen

Prostacycline (PGI2)

*think "Plt Gathering Inhibitor"

↓ Bronchial tone

↓ Vascular tone

↑ Uterine Tone

↑ Gastric Mucus production

*Produced by COX1/2 and thus inhibited by ASA, NSAIDs, and Acetominophen

Prostaglandins (PGE2 and PGF2a)

↑ Plt Aggregation

↑ Bronchial Tone

↑ Vascular Tone

*Produced by COX1/2 and thus inhibited by ASA, NSAIDs, and Acetominophen

Thromboxane (TXA2)

*Think of as the Anti-Prostacyclin

Inhibits Lipolysis in fat to decrease hepatic VLDL production


*used to ↑ HDL

Prevents Cholesterol absorption at SI brush border leading to an ↑ of LDL receptors on Liver


*used to ↓ LDL

Upregulates Lipoprotein lipase to ↑ TG clearance and activates PPAR-alpha to increase HDL synthesis


*Main use is to ↓ TG to prevent acute pancreatitis

What meds need to be given to a pt w/ Acute CHF exacerbation (ie SOB, foaming at mouth, extreme edema)?

** NO LIP **

NO (↓ preload to alleviate pulm. edema)

Oxygen (correct hypoxemia)

Loop diuretic (for pulm and periph edema)

Inotropic Agent (Dobutamine)

Position in Upright position to pool blood in legs

Close K+ channels leading to depolarization of Beta-cells to increase Insulin release (via Ca2+ influx)

Sulfonyureas (Glyburide, Glimepride, Glipizide)

↑ Insulin senstivity by binding to PPAR-gamma nuclear transcrip. regulator to cause an increase in Adiponectin

TZD's (Pioglitazone & Rosiglitazone)

Increase Insulin release and decrease glucagon

GLP-1 Analogs (Exenatide & Liraglutide)

DPP-4 Inhibitors ("-Gliptins")

3 drugs for Acute Closed Anlge Glaucoma

1) Beta-Blocker (Timolol)

2) Alpha-2 Agonist (Apraclonidine)

3) M3 Agonist (Piolcarpine

5 drugs to treat Parkinsons

** BALSA **

*Bromocriptine (erogot) or Pramipexole - dopamine agonists

*Amantidine - ↑ endogenous dopamine

*L-Dopa/Carvidopa - converted to dopamine in CNS

*Selegine (MAOI) or Enta/Tolcapone (COMTI) - prevent dopamine breakdown

*Antimuscarinic (Benztropine) - for tremor/ridgitiy

2 classes of drugs that block the reuptake of Norepinephrine and 5-HT

SNRI's (Venlafaxine, Duloxetine)

TCA (-ipramine, -iptyline)

2 drugs that inhibit Desmolase and thus are useful in the trx of PCOS to prevent hirsuitism



5-alpha reductase Inhibitor


*used to male-pattern baldness & BPH

Competitive inhibitor of androgens at testosterone receptor


*prostate cancer

Antagonist at estrogen receptor in hypothalamus to prevent negative feedback and thus ↑ LH and FSH


*used for PCOS and infertility

What 4 drugs are used to treat Pulmonary HTN?

*Bosetan/Ambrisetan (Endothelin-1 inhibitors)

*PG (dilates pulm. BV)

*Sildenafil (relaxes pulm vasc. smooth mm)

*Nifedipine (CCB)