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Operational objectives? and why are they used

-are targets set by particular departments

-this helps every individual department know what its supposed to be doing.

operational objectives may be linked to :







operational activities are influenced by internal and external factors

-internal are

-nature of the product

-availability of resources-if they want to increase output is there enough resources

external factors that influence operational activities are?

-competitors performance -many sey targets in reaction to their rivals reaction

-demand for product-you do not want to produce more than the demand

-changing customers needs-if customers indicate that they'd like a firm to behave more ethically this can effect cost and environmental goals

-Production is?

Turning inputs into outputs

Generally wht happens in production?

-it refers to the whole process.from obtaining resources right through to checking the finished product for quality and delivering it to the customer.

what are the five conmen methods of production?

-job production

-flow production

-batch production

-cell production

-lean production

job production?

-productions of one off items by skilled workers

flow production?

-mass production on a continuous production line with division of labour.

Batch production-

-production of small batches of identical items

cell production?

-productions divided into sets of tasks, each set completed by a work group

lean production?

-streamline production with waste at a minimum

what other departments have an impact on production? and how

-finance department- allocates how much money can be set on equipment and wages

-marketing department-tells the operations managers what customers want,and what they are willing to pay for it.

-human resources-department is in charge of organising employees,what skills they need and whether they'll need training

what are the other factors that production need to consider?

-a business' production method has an effect on the type of decisions that managers are likely to make.Equally managers make decisions that have an big impact on the production department.

-its hard for some businesses to grow if they're committed to using job production

-if they decide to try to increase market share, a company might choose either to increase production or to switch production methods so that it can manufacture new products along side its existing range

-in periods of economic downturn ,survival is often a company main aim. In these periods,the company is unlikely to invest in new machinery or switch production methods.