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Who was the first Shogun?
Minamoto Yoritome
Who were the outcasts in Japan's feudal society?
Which of the following best explains why the Shogun was more powerful than the emperor?
The shogun controlled the military
Who launched unsuccessful invasions of Korea?
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
What is Japan's oldest religion?
The Maya calendar was revised version of a colendar developed by which civilization?
What common plant was first cultivated in the Tehuacan Valley and continues to be the most important crop in Central and South America?
What is an important difference between Mayan ball games and baseball of today?
Mayan ball games often had religious significance.
What is one reason why historians know about the Incan society?
Inca rulers were mumified and placed in a house of the dead.
I am a roadway built by the Aztecs. I connected their capital to the rest of the valley. What am I called?
A causeway
Which of the following does not belong in the same category with the other three?
Which of the following is the best example of nationalism?
Germans loyality of the German language
Rembrant was to anatomy lessons of Professor Tulp as Leonardo da Vinci was to the ...?
Last Supper
Who won the Hundred Years War?