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Ending a pregnancy by removing an embryo or foetus from the womb; this results in the death of the embryo or foetus

Blood transfusion

The transfer of blood to another person


The process of making an identical copy of something (the problem being that any defects, illnesses, etc, are also copied)


An innate moral sense that guides actions and responses


Literally means "good death"; it means helping someone to die in a painless manner

Free will

The belief that nothing is determined

Genetic engineering

Altering the structure and characteristic of a gene; this is done for many reasons, such as to improve the quality of crops and foods

Hippocratic oath

A special promise made by those working in medicine to do their best to preserve a life


Stands for "in vitro fertilisation", and is when a sperm and egg are fertilised outside the womb

Medical ethics

The moral principles that affect medical issues and practice

Quality of life

The extent to which life is meaningful and pleasurable

Sanctity of life

Life is precious and utterly priceless


An arrangement where one women carries a child for another couple