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What does compensate mean?
to be equal in value; to make equal
What is the word that means the special language of a particular activity or group?
What is jargon?
What does persevere or persevering mean?
to keep working or going at something in spit of difficulties
What word means to cause strong dislike or hatred? Someone that is worthy of hatred.
What is odiousness?
What does ascertain mean?
To learn with certainty; to find out
What does conjecture mean?
To make a guess or an assumption.
What is the word that means a clever trick or scheme? The colonel has to resort to all types of ________ to keep his slaves out of the gardens.
When there is not enough food or supplies for eveyone, what word comes to mind? The word means to be deprived or to not have enough.
What is privation?
A loosely scaly crust, coating a surface, especially of a pant.
What is scurf?
When someone works very hard? The _______ worker stayed after everyone left to make sure that cotton was picked from the farm.
What is diligent?
What word means to recieve into the mind and retain? Frederick Douglas ________ knowledge from learning how to read.
What is imbibe?
What does betwixt mean?
between something
What word means to cause or lose flesh so as to become very thin?
What is emaciated?
The ________ of the slaves meant that they were freed from slavery.
What is emancipation?
What is the word that means absolutely necessary or essential?
What is indispensable?
_________ means to be very lively.
What is sprightly?
What does the word mean to injure by tearing?
final jeopardy
What does injurious mean?
to cause injury; to hurt another
A peson that has a high opinion of his or her importance is ___________.
What is egotistical?
What does inanimate mean?
without life; not moving
What does obdurate mean?
What is stubborn?
Fredreick Douglass was considered to be a great speaker, which is another way of saying he was a great ________.
What is an orator?
What is a horse-drawn carriage with or without attendants?
What is an equipage?
What does the word errand mean?
To make a short trip to do or get something for someone else.
What word best describes the act of comforting a person in times of grief, distress or suffering?
What is consolation?
What does cudgel mean?
to beat with a short club or it is a short club.
A person who directs or manages is a __________.
What is a superintendent?