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open circuit
a circuit with a break in it
a closed path for electricity to flow through
How does a wall switch control whether lights are on or off?
when the switch is on, you close the circuit and allows electricty to flow through. When you switch it off, it opens the circuit and does not allow electricity to flow through
circuit diagram
an engineering plan that uses lines and symbols to represent electrical circuits
list 3 examples of conductors
give an example of a resistor
the light bulb
list 3 examples of insulators
masking tape
compare static electricity from current electricity
Static electricity is extra electrical charge that stays in one place, current electricity is moving electrical charge
current electricity
moving electric current
people who work with electricity often use tools whose handles are coated with rubber. Why?
Most plastic and rubber materials are insulated, so you won't get electricuted
how are large cities trying to cut down air pollution?
buying electrical car with rechargeable batteries
why should you never stick anything into an electrical socket?
Because people conduct electricity since your body is made mostly of water. Electricity can flow through.
a measure of the "push" provided by an electric current source
closed circuit
a circuit without breaks or interruptions
a device to open or close an electrical circuit
materials that electrical currents do not flow through well
a material that flows through with relative ease good conductors have low resistance
the resistance of the flow of electric current