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When energy is passed from the sun to a series of living things, what is that called?
food chain
How are all food chains alike?
They all begin with the sun and producers and have consumers as links.
What are plants called because they use energy from the sun to make the sugars they need?
What is missing in this food chain?
Name a food that comes from a stem.
asparagus, potato
Name a food that comes from a root.
What do some plants change sugar to and store them as?
What means to start to grow and develop?
What is a carnivore?
a meat eater
What is the part of the seed that can grow into a new plant?
Where do plants store sugars and starches?
roots, stems, leaves, fruits,and seeds
What is an herbivore?
a plant eater
How can grass, a cow, and a person form a food chain?
The cow feeds on grass and takes in stored sugars as food. A person may drink milk or eat meat from the cow.
What is the green material in leaves that traps energy from sunlight?
Name a food that comes from a leaf.
lettuce, spinach,
What is it called when a plant makes its own sugar?
What does a seed need to start growing?
the right amount of water, the proper temperature, and enough air
What is an example of an ocean food chain?
sun-algae-small fish-larger fish-seal
What is a young plant called?
a seedling
What is prey?
an animal that is hunted to be eaten by another animal
What is an omnivore?
eats plants and animals
What are people and other animals that get their energy from the food they eat called?
Where are the sugars made in a green plant?
What is the covering of a seed called?
seed coat
What is a predator?
an animal that hunts to grt its food