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If a parent cell has the genotype of CcBB, __ sex cells will be produced
_______ explains all the different breeds of dogs and cats
selective breeding
Darwin proposed natural selection as an explanation for ______
____ provide evidence for an extinct species
Mendel observed ______________ alleles
dominant and recessive
______ specializes in the study of heredity
the species of cprn, light and dark kernels, were developed by ______
selective breeding
______ results in the formation of new alleles
___,_____,_____ are ways humans influence the rate of species extinction
mining, farming, and construction
The fur color changes in a cat due tobody temperature because of _________________
environmental influences on gene expression
a function of proteins in your body is to _____________
make structural body parts
_________ are the main energy source of your body
The energy releasing process in cells whose waste is carbon dioxide and water is _________
cellular respiration
____ are groups of different tissues working together
_____ are the filtering, reabsorption, and secretion units of the kidney
____ help you to digest food
DNA is the organic compound ________
nucleic acid
Oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged in the _____ of the lungs
Homeostasis is maintained through _________ which helps the body return to normal state
Negative feedback
Types of cells working together make _____
If two atoms have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons, they will have the same ___________
atomic number
An isotope has an atomic number of 25 and a mass number of __
During beta-particles emission, a neutron splits into _________
a proton and an electron
For a radioactive substance, halflife is NOT determined by __________________________________
the mass of a given sample, the temperature by which the substance is stored, and the presence of magnetic fields
__________ have almost the same mass
protons and neutrons
_____ best represents Dalton;s mental image of an atom
a marble
____________ best represents Thomson's mental image of an atom
A chocolate-chip cookie
Based on his expirement, Rutherford concluded that atoms were _________
mainly empty space
A _____ would not be defected by a magnetic field
A transmutation involving the release of alpha particles produces atoms whos atomic number has _____________
decreased by 2
A transmutation involving the release of beta particles produces atoms whose atomic number has ____________
increased by 1
The fluorescent screen in Rutherford's experiment was designed to ___________
detect changed particles
The nucleus is held together by ___________
the strong nuclear force
A 10 gram sample from a healthy 200 year old redwood would contain _________ carbon-14 as a 10 gram sample from a 20 year old redwood sampling
the same amount
Iodine-131 would make a good tracer element because __________________
it is absorbed mainly by cells in the thyroid
When Mendeleev made his arrangement of the elements in a table, he found that elements with ______________ fell into groups on the table
similar properties
Every element has its own atomic number. The atomic number is the number _______ in the nucleus of an atom of the elements
In the modern periodic table, elements are arranfed according to increasing ________
atomic number
Elements in groups 3 through 12 of the periodic table are called __________
transition elements
A major difference between the two rows of inner transition elements is that the lanthanides ______________________________
have no uses while the actinides have many
The particles that make up an atom are ____________
protons, neutrons, and electrons
Dot diagrams are used to represent ________________
outer electrons
__________ is the name given to the units that make up covalently bonded compounds
Aspartame is an artificial sweetener; its formula is C13H16N2O5. ______ has the largest number of atoms
___ is not likely to have ionic bonds
The energy levels of an atom are occupied by _____
the maximum number of electrons in the second energy level of an atom is ______
In carbon dioxide, each oxygen atom shares four electrons with the carbon atom. this is called a ______________
double covalent bond
_-_ is a polar bond
__ is the group number for elements that have a stable number of electrons in their outer energy level
In the compound, H2O, the elctrons in the bonds are unequally shared between oxygen and hydrogen, forming _________
polar bonds
Forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction are _________
balanced forces
if gravity did not affect the path of a horizontally thrown ball, the ball would ___________
travel horizontally
Newtons first law of motion states that an object remains at rest unless a ___ force acts on it
Air resistance ______ as you move faster
the force you have to overcome to start an object moving is __________
static friction
Whenever a body is in motion, there is always _______ to oppose the motion
the upward force on an object falling through the air is _____________
air resistance
The relationship among force, mass, and acceleration is stated in ______________________________
newtons second law of motion
a feather falls through the air more slowly than a brick because of ___________
air resistance
According to newtons second law of motion, _______
A 3000-N force gives an object an acceleration of 15 m/s^2. Th mass of the object is _____
a 300-N force acts on a 25-kg object. the acceleration of the object is ____
12 m/s^2
The statement "for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction" is a statement of ____________
newton's third law
with action-reaction forces, ______________________
the forces are created at the same time
when a diver jumps off a diving board, gravity pulls him or her down to the water. the reaction forces to Earth's gravity is that the
air resistance slows the diver