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What is a cerebrum?
It is the largest part of the
brain and has a wrinkled surface.
What does the cerebellum do?
coordinates the actions of all your muscles and maintains balance.
Activites that are under your direct control are called?
voluntary activites
Which is larger: the cerebrum or the cerebellum?
When yo're doing an activity, the cerebellum sends messages to the cerebrum that ______ and ______ the activity.
1. direct
The central nervous sytem is made up of ...? (hint: 2 things)
brain and spinal cord
Your brain is divided into three parts. What are they?
The cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem.

Impulses to and from the CNS are carried by what of the PNS?
Senairo: You picked up a piece of burning hot pizza

At the 1)_______, the impulse passes into a pool of 2)___________. Immediatly upon recieving the impulse from the 3)______ nueron, 4)_________ send impulses to the appropriate 5)________ nuerons, which, in turn stimulate the muscles needed to pull your hand away from the hot pizza.
1. spinal cord
2. internuerons
3. sensory
4. internuerons
5. motor
To be aware of the sensation of pain, nerves impulses must travel up the 1)_______ to your brain.
This takes a few 2)_________.

1. spinal cord
2. milliseconds
The whole reflex arc can take less than a _______ to complete.
Where is the cerebellum located?
Toward the back and bottom of the brain
Reflex impulses followm the shortest possible pathways through the nervous system and do not involve the brain. The pathways are called?
reflex arcs
The whole reflex arc is completed before you fell the _______.
______ nerves carry impulses from a stimulus to the central nervous system for processing.
Different areas in the wrinkled surface of the cerebrum interpret what that nerves carry to it from different parts of the body?
They interpret impulses
What is the peripheral nervous system made of?
all the nerves outside the Central nervous system
What does peripheral mean?
side and away from
_______ nerves carry impulses from the CNS to activate the muscles of the body.
The nerves of the what extend ta and away from the central nervous system?
peripheral nervous system
During complex activites, the cerebellum coordinates the ______ and _______ of muscle action, making the activity run smoothly.
1. speed
1. timing
The what sends out impulses along motor nerves to activate muscles?
Name all the areas or centers in our brain.
all senses, speech, memory, and for motor activites.
Digestion, heartbeat, and breathing, for example, occur without you having to think about them are called what?
involuntary activites
What forms the central nervous system?
brain and spinal cord
Even though involuntary body activities occur without you thinking about them, they are still controlled by what?
brain stem