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the study of matter and how it changess
the main thing
anything that has mass and occupies space
MMMMMMMater has MMMMMMMMMasss and it occupies space
a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances
the element brand cant be broken into other little brands because its already a brand on its own
the smallest particle that has the properties of an element
atom is very little because a looks tiny for some reason
a substance made of atoms of more than one element bound together
when you compound stuff together you put them together
the smallest unit of a substance that exhibits all of the properties characteristic of that substance
a mole is usually very small..the smallest
the chemical symbols and numbers indicating the atoms contained in the basic unit of a substance
chemical formula
when you see numbers and symbols think of a formula in math then put it together with science and figure out that its chemical formula
any matter that has a fixed composition and definite properties
pure substance
when someone looks good and is pure they usually has a fixed look with their hair and clothes and definite style instead of changing it everyday
a combination of more than one pure substance
whens theirs a combination another word for it is called mixture..self explanitory if u jus read the question
describes two or more liquids that are able to dissolve into each other in various proportions
in MI(mission impossible) two people were able to go into eachother like tom cruis and his gf havin sex
describes two or more liquids that do not mix into eachother
IM means not, and i should i already know what missible means
the change of a substance from a liquid to a gas
we learned it back in like 4th grade with miss tochi
the change of a substance from a gas to a liquid
the opposite of evaporation
the change of a substance from a solid to a gas
the way a substance reacts with others to form new substances with different properties
chemical property
the ability of a substance to combine chemically with another substance
when something is reactive it usually combines with eachother
a characteristic of a substance that can be observed or measured without changing the composition of the substance
physical property
when you see the word characteristic think of physical property
the temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid
melting point
self explanitory
the temperature at which a liquid becomes a gas below the surface
boiling point
stuff boils underground
the mass per unit volume of a substance
mass= density so when you see the word mass think of destiny
the force with which a more dense fluid pushes a less dense substance upward
when you bounce someone on a trampoline usually the more dense person "launches" the smaller person higher and bouyancy is the "trampoline" theory
a change that occurs when a substance changes composition by forming one or more new substances
chemical change
when you see the term "when a substance changes" then think of chemical change
a change in the physical form or properties of a substance that occurs without a change in composition
physical change
it says physical in the definition so just match it with the answer