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What is a volcano
a weak spot in the crust where magma comes up
what is molten mixture from the mantle?
what is magma when it reaches the surface
what is the ring of fire
a major volcanic belt tha rims the pacific ocean
where do volcanoes occur
diverging plate boundaries hot spots and converging boundaries
how do volcanos form on the mid ocean ridge
lava pours out of the cracks on the ridge
where do many volcanos form
on converging plate boundaries
how does subduction at converging boundaries lead to the formation of volcanos
stabs of oceanic crust sink through the trench into the mantle it melts to form magma which comes back up as lava
when two oceanic plates collide to form a string of islands what are volcanos on these boundaries called
island arcs
what are three major island arcs
japan new zealand and indonesia
what collided to form the andes mountains called
a continental plate and an oceanic plate
what is a hot spot
where magma melts through the crust
how did the hawaiian islands form
the pacific plate floated over a hot spot
do hot spots only form over oceanic crust
where does magma form
in the mantle