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There are red stars, blue stars, yellow stars, and white stars. Which stars are most like the sun?
Yellow stars
If you looked through a telescope and saw a ball of stars, what type of object did you see?
globular cluster
Where would you find nebulas in a spiral galaxy, in the halo or in the spiral arms?
Nebulas would be found in the spiral arms.
Which would be larger, a globular cluster or a galaxy?
A galaxy would be larger.
Which color flame is the hottest?
Which color flame is the coolest?
What do the colors of star indicate: their mass, their temperature, or their shape?
Colors of stars indicate their temperatures.
What is the rainbow of colors that is produced after looking at white light through a prism called?
What does a star's apparent magnitude depend on? its size, its distance from Earth, its energy output, or all of the above?
Apparent magnitude depends on a star's size, its distance from Earth, and its energy output.
Which spectrum is produced by a glowing wire inside a light bulb? absorption spectrum or continuous spectrum
continuous spectrum
Why does a star's spectrum contain dark lines?
Because the light passes through cooler gasses.
What kind of spectrum is produced when a hot solid passes through a cooler gas?
emission, absorption, or continuous
An absorption spectrum is produced when a hot solid passes through a cooler gas.
What is apparent magnitude?
how bright a star looks
What occurs when their is an apparent shift in motion of a star?
Why is an H-R diagram used to study the nature of stars?
Because it shows how stars are classified by temperature, by brightness, and how stars change over time
What kind of star is formed when a yellow star runs out of hydrogen, its center shrinks inward,its outer parts expand outward and it becomes very large and cool?
A red giant
What are giant clouds of gas and dust called?
What are groups of stars that are usually located along the spiral disk of a galaxy called?
open cluster
What is a supernova explosion?
The death of a star
Of the following which star would most likely be the youngest? a red giant, a white dwarf, a blue star, a red dwarf
a blue star
A dense object, with gravity so strong that light cannot escape, formed from the leftovers of a supernova is called a what?
A black hole
What are the majority of stars in our galaxy?
Main sequence stars
Which of the following magnitudes indicates the brightest star: -5, 0, -0.35, or +9
Which is hotter, a red supergiant star or a main-sequence blue star?
main-sequence blue star
What is absolute magnitude?
the actual brightness of a star
What are the most distant objects in space called?
Which of the following could be formed from a supernova: a neutron star, a pulsar, a black hole, or all of them
A neutron star, a pulsar, and a black hole can all form as a result of a supernova.
In what is a star born?
a nebula
What is the instrument called that astronomers use to spread starlight out into its colors?
What is a spinning neutron star called?