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How heavy something is for its size(does change)

Density= mass divided by volume


Density= Mass divided by Volume

Volume = Length times width times height

Mass= density divided by volume

I need to know how many cm cubed are equal to 1g of mass.

Kinitec energy

Formula = half * mass * speed squared

Energy in gases


Heat energy transfered = mass of water * 4.2 change in temperature.

It takes 4.2 joules to heat 1g of water by 1°c.


Pros: not polluting the world keeping our world tidy.


Cons=Polluting the world wasting natural resources.

Gravitational to kinitec=

Gravitational to kinitec

anything raised has gravitational potential energy without another force being used.If it was dropped it would have kinitec energy.

G= strength of gravity

gravitaional potential energy depends on the object's mass,the gravitational field strength(on earth is 10 newtons 1kg) and the change of height.

Efficiency Formula

Efficiency generally refers to how far we are getting the particular outcome for the given input with as much less wastage as possible.

Efficiency formula =

n=useful powerout divided by total energy in * 100%

Soluble: can be dissolved,so we can no longer see the solid.

Insoluble: Cannot be dissolved,solid remains visible in liquids.

Solvent:Liquid used to disolve into solid.

Solution:Mixture of solvent with solute dissolved in it.

Independant variable:The one you are changing in the first column of the table and goes on the bottom x axis.

Dependant variable:The results you are measuring.Goes on the vertical y axis.

Bar graph:to display categoric variables,like hair colour name ,type of animal.