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What kind of seeds do gymnosperms produce?
Name some plants that have storage roots.
carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips, and beets
What do root hairs do?
they take in minerals and water.
What are quinine and digitalis examples of?
medicines made from plants.
How does a fruit help the seed inside it?
A. the fruit provides extra nutrition for the seed

B. the fruit keeps the seed from being eaten

C. the fruit protects the seed from cold weather
Why do plants store food?
A. to survive brief temperature changes.

B. they may not get enough food.
What are fibers?
materials that can be separated into threads.
What do prop roots do?
Keep plants from blowing over
What fills with material to become the "wood" of the tree?
In what kind of plants would you find xylem and phloem?
Why are more spores produced from a spore-producing plant than seeds from a seed-producing plant?

because spores have less of a chance of growing than seeds
Why are dandelions hard to kill?
because they have long taproots.