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Define Nova.
Nova Star is a star that suddenly grows hundreds or even thousands of time brighter then fades to far less than it was to begin with.
What are the three main sizes of stars?
1. Dwarf
2. Giant
3. Supergiant
What are all stars made of?
Stars are made of gas, mostly hydrogen, which changes to helium.
Which is larger--the sun or Betelgeuse?
Give me an example of a super-super giant.
VV Cephei
Define Apparent magnitude.
Apparent magnitude is how bright a star appears to be as seen from the earth.
Explain Hipparchus's scale.
Hipparchus's scale ranges from negative numbers for the brighter stars to positive numbers for the dimmer stars.
What kind of star is Betelgeuse?
Betelgeuse is a supergiant.
Define Absolute Magnitude.
Absolute Magnitude is how bright a star actually is.
Define Dwarf star.
Any star of average or small size is a dwarf star.
How many stars do you think there are?
There are more than 100 billion stars.
What three characteristics affect the brightness of stars?
1. Its distance from the earth.
2. Its size.
3. Its temperature.
Why does the sun appear brighter than the other stars?
The sun is closer to the earth than the other stars.
Which is closer to the earth--the sun or Betelgeuse?
The sun.
How do you think our sun would look from Betellgeuse?
If the sun could be seen at all, it would look extremely small.
Are all stars suns?
What is a giant star?
A giant star is a large star that is hundreds of times brighter than the sun.
How far away is Betelgeuse from the earth?
Betelgeuse is 527 light-years from the earth.
Define Variable Stars.
Variable stars are stars that flare up brightly, grow dimmer, and flare up again.
What kind of star is our sun?
Our sun is a dwarf star
What is the fourth category of stars?
Super-super giant is the fourth category of stars.
Who was Hipparchus?
Hipparchus was a Greek who lived shortly before the time of Christ. He devised a system to classify stars by their brightness.