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if you double the weight of an object, how much work is required to move it
double the work
how does a fixed pulley give you an advantage
it doesn't multiply the effort force
measure of how much of the work put into the machine is changed to useful work put out by a machine
does a fixed pulley give you any advantage in force?
no only a change in direction
rate at which work is done
MA of inclined plane
length of slope/height of slope= l/h
what does a MA of more than 1 mean in terms of force
effort if being multiplied and you're gaining an advantage in force
number of times a machine multiplies the force
mechanical advantage
unit of power
how to reduce friction for better efficiency
use a lubricant so there's less friction
what is a system of pulleys working together called
block and tackle
force * distance
why is the MA of a fixed pulley always 1
b/c it doesn't multiply the force
what things are a simple machine able to do
change direction, change size, both, do work
the 2 groups all simple machines fall into
lever or inclined plane
MA for a lever
length of effort arm/ length of resistance arm
MA for wheel and axle
radius of wheel/radius of axle