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Before the energy in food can be used by a cell it must first be transfered to molocules of
a proteins
b carbohydrates
celular respiration
process of producing ATP in the cell from oxygen and glucose; releases carbon dioxide and water
A cell can remove large particles during ______________
the movement of particles from an area of high consentration to low concentration
what is produced by mitosis
a two identical cells
b two nuclei
c chloroplasts
d twodiffernt cells
a two identical cells
bianary fission
simple cell division in which one cell splits into 2;used by bacteria
What are the 4 stages of mitosis?
Passive transport
diffusion of particles through protiens in the membrane from areas of high concentration to low consentration
An orginiam with chloroplasts is called
a consumer
b prokaryote
c producer
d centromere
c producer
active transport
movement of particles through proteins in the cell membrane against diffusion; requires cells to use energy
nuclear division in eukariotic cells in which each cell receives a copy of th orinal chromosome
coiled structure of DNA and prtein that forms in the cell nucleus during cell division
What cell structures are needed for photosythesis?for respiration?
Photosythesis:pigments, chloroplasts
Respiration: Mitochondria
process used to remove large particles from a cell; during exocytosis, a vesicle contaning the particle fuses with the cell membrane
How many chromatids are present in a chromosome at the begining of mitosis?
At the begining of mitosis in a chromosome there are 2 chromatids.
cell cycle
life cycle of a cell;in eukarotes it consists of chromosomes duplication ,mitosis, and cytokenesis
In eukaryotes,________ creates two nuclei, and _______ creates two new cells
the diffusion of water across a cell membrane.
Plants use ____________ to make glucose
cellular repiration
process by which a plant uses energy from the sun and turns it into sugar
WHich of the following does not perform mitosis?
a prokaryotic cell
b human body cell
c eukaryotic cell
d plant cell
a prokaryotic cell
Homologous chromosomes
chromosomes with matching info
The diffusion of water through the cell membrane is called __________
process in which a cell membrane surrounds a particle and encloses it in a vesicle to bring into a cell
when particles are moved through a membrane from a rgion of low to high concentration the process is called
a diffusion
b passive transpot
c active transport
d fermination
a diffusion
identicle chromosome copies
What are the THREE stages of the cell cycle in a eukaryotic cell?
The THREE stages of the eukaryotic cells are : the growth copies of DNA,then it goes through mitosis, and then it goes through cytokinesis.
during ________ food molocules are broken down to form CO2 and H2O and releses large amounts of energy
Which of the following would form a cell plate during the cell cycle?
a human cell
b prokaryotic cell
c plant cell
d All of the Above
d All of the above