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what do vein do?
-carry blood to heart
-contain one way vowels that stop blood from flowing backwards from the heart
what are the 4 chambers of the heart?

right & left arium
right & lefht ventricles

what do blood vessels do?
tubes thst blood flows through.
where does the right side of the heart pump blood

left side
it pumps to the lungs

it pumps to the body
what is heart made of?
heart is a musscle.
define atria.

define ventricle
l or r recieve blood coming into the heart
pump blood out of heart
what is blood?
-carries oxgen & nuitrents
-fight infection & forms clots
tell about red blood cells?
1. disc shape
2. contains protein called hemoloben & binds to oxgen
3.picks up oxgen in lungs
4.pick up carbon dixode in cells
what are the three main parts of the circlatory system?
blood vessels
what is blood?
mixture of liquids & solids.
what is liqid?
how much is liquid?
how much water in plasma?
what is other 10?
what proteins is in blood?
yellowish color
90 persent
salt suger & protiens
What is the job of the circlatory system?
trans ports oxgen and nuitrents throughout the body.
what is the solid part of blood made of?
red and white blood cells and platelets
what is the sound of the heart
what makes the sound
lub-the atria and ventricles
dub-closing of the 2 large arteries that lead away from the heart.
what do platelets do?

what do white blood cells do?
help blood to clot

help fight infection
what do arteris do?

what do cappillaries do?
they carry blood away from the heart
-oxgen and nuitrents pass through the walls
pick up waste