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I have to talk to you.

About what?


Okay, but I'm unpacking.

Can I help?

No, that's okay

Why not?

There's, you know, girl stuff.




What did you want to talk to me about?

Where did you meet Marty?

At a party.

What kind of party?

Like a party someone has in their house, you know. Apartment.

What did he say and what did you say?

Well there were no chairs. There were two chairs. Boat chairs, like those chairs they have on boats. So Marty was sitting in one. And then he got up. You know. To give me the chair. I knew he wasn't from new York.

So you fell in love with him.

No. I thought he was gay.

You did? Why?

Well everyone is. In New York. I mean not me. But everyone. Men. And he was so beautiful, you know.

Do you think I am? Beautiful.

Well you look like Marty.

I do?


Cause we're not exactly sure we had the same father. I mean my mother always had the same husband. But she was kind of a free spirit. You know. Like that.

Doesnt that bother you?

Well I mean if it did it wouldn't change anything. I mean I don't mean to be buddhistic or anything.

Be what?


Oh, that's okay.

How old are you?


Me too.

Oh. I thought you were younger.

Well. I am. What do you think about sex?

Well I mean, sex is good with the right man. But you have to be careful, you know. Especially in New York.


Diseases. Like that.

Mental diseases?


But you should be careful of mental diseases too.

I guess.

If somebody else fell in love with you now, what would you do?

Tell them I was engaged.

You wouldn't, you wouldn't maybe check it out, see if maybe he's got something to offer or... Like that.


Are you sure?

I'm pretty sure.

Can you check again?

Well you're warm, but not like a fever. More like... Warm.

It's because I'm sitting next to you. I'm warm because I'm sitting next to you.



You know. Like I said.

Lesly. Can I hold your hand? Just hold your hand?


What's that?

A scar.

From what?

A cheese knife. I was cutting cheese.

That's it? That's the story?

Uh huh.

I have a scar. Here. Marty and Jackie were playing French revolution and they made me play Marie Antoinette. I probably have mental scars too. Mental scar tissue.

Marty's probably gonna be coming up pretty soon.

I don't think so. He's with Jackie-O.


Can I hold something else now?


Can I see your knees?


I like that expression "bees knees." Like "I think you're the bees knees."

Bees don't have knees.

Tell me about when you lost your virginity.


Tell me something.

I don't know what to tell you.


In fourth grade, Cindy McKinney, she was this girl, she always wore a purple bra with a white shirt, you know?

No. What?

Like she was showing off that she had a bra, you know.


I hate people like that.

Me too. Cindy McKinney, huh?


Whatever happened to old Cindy McKinney?

I don't know.

Purple. I hate that.

Me too.

Do I have a fever?

I already checked. Before. Twice.

I know but this time I think I really have one.

You're warm. But not like burning up.

I think I have a brain tumour.

You do?

And you know what the big tragedy of that is?

You'll die?

Yeah, but I'll die without ever having... You know...

You've never...?


I thought you went to Princeton.

Only for two months.

It's not that big a tragedy. I mean unless you're with exactly the right person its not that great.

It's not that great?

No. Like if they smoke they taste like ashes. Like that. Or they stick their tongue in your ear so much you get chapped ears.


Or like they start and you have to go to the bathroom.



I don't smoke. I won't stick my tongue in your ear and if you have to go we'll just stop and then when you come back we'll start again.

Anthony, its too weird. Doing it with two brothers is like incest.

Lesly. About incest. I have two words to say to you. Jackie-O and Marty. Jackie-O and Marty.

How do you know that?

They told me.

Who told you?



Then Marty. Marty too. Are you okay?



Why'd you call me that?

I don't know. It just came out.

My dad used to call me that. Before.

Before what?

Before he died.

I could call you that again.

That's okay. I don't know what to do.

I could stay with you.

Stay with me how?

Any way you want me to stay with you.

With your clothes on?

Or off.

You look like Marty.

You look like Lesly. Lesly? I love you, Lesly.

(Scene end)