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Abate: A bait
To decrease; diminish; put an end to

Worms are used as bait in fishing.After the bait is cast into the river, the bait usually decreases in size because some fish have nibbled on it. Frequently, the bait disappears in a short time. You need skill, patience, and luck.
Abridge: A bridge
Shorten in duration

A bridge is built so that transportation from one side to another is shortened in duration.
Abscond: Ab’s_cone
To depart secretly

Ab’s kitchen has many boxes of ice cream cones. Mysteriously, the cones disappear all the time. Ab says, “I just don’t know where my cones have gone; maybe they have legs? They just depart secretly.
To free from blame or penalty; to pardon
Abstruse: Abs truth
Difficult to understand; recondite

Abs → Sounds and looks like in Absent. Abs_truth → Absent of truth Things that are absent of truth are usually difficult to understand.
To emphasize; distinctive manner of pronunciation
Accolade: Echo_lad
An honor; a praise; or an award

A proud lad yells his name aloud, and his name echoes back as if others were praising him
Sour or bitter tasting; acid
Agree; accept an agreement silently
Acrimony: Acre money
Bitterness of speech or manner; ill feeling

Two developers are arguing over the money for an acre of land. The arguments are full of anger and bitterness.
Adamant: A damn ant
Resistant to change; firm in purpose

A stubborn ant is blocking traffic. Other ants shout, “Move, you damn ant!
Adroit: A droid
Clever; skillful

The famous robots, 3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars.These sophisticated robots are very skillful with their hands.
An opponent; a foe; an enemy
Easy to talk to; kind and polite
Formed into a mass; a college or group
indirect reference
Distant physically or emotionally
concern the well being and happiness of others
Accumulate; pile up
Presence of two opposing feelings at the same time; contradicting values
To make or become better
Characterized by or exhibiting friendliness or goodwill; friendly
Amity: Ami tea
Peaceful or friendly relations

Ami is very friendly and always serves tea to everyone who visits her.
Formless and shapeless
Absence of government, disorder
Hostile; acting against each othe
Out-of-date; old-fashsioned

Antique → old and outdated items
Absence of sympathy or interest
Apex: Ape
Highest point; a high point of achievement; a climax

King Kong (the ape) climbs up to the top of the Empire State building, which is the highest point in New York.
Appease: a peace
Calm, pacify

When World War II ended, peace brought calmness to all the cities and towns in Europe
Apprise: A_prize
To inform, to tell

If you win the first prize in California’s Lotto, won’t you tell everyone?
Arcane: Arcade (video games and other games)
Mysterious; understood by few

Most video games in the arcade have secret levels for the player to find as a challenge.
Ardor: adore
Warmth of feeling

If you adore someone, won’t you have a warm feeling for that person?
Speak clearly and effective
Having power; moving upward
A person who practices self-denial
Asperity: Asparagus
Roughness or unevenness of surface; sharpness of temper

He tips of the asparagus appear to be very rough, but they are actually very crunchy and tasty.
Assail: A sale
Attack violently with force or words

A shopper argued with force and words with the manager over a sales item that was not properly marked down.
Assuage: A_sausage
To lessen suffering or pain

A starving kid temporarily relieved his hunger when he stared at the sausages hanging inside the poultry shop.
Astute: A_status
Shrewd; cunning; crafty; clever

People with high status are usually wise and shrewd.
Cause to waste
Audacious: Audition
Daring;foolishly bold; impuden

Those who attend the audition for the key roles in the play “Romeo and Juliet�? must be very brave and bold, because he or she has to perform in front of hundreds of critics.
Make larger; increase

Think plastic surgery; breast augmentation.
Auspicious: Suspicious
Showing signs or promise of future success

The homicide detectives who are suspicious in nature are likely to succeed in solving the murder cases.
Austere: A steer (cow)
Rigidly strict in manner of living or thinking; severely simple; stern

Cows are typically simple and stern.
Home Depot sells steer manure for garden fertilizer.
Avarice: Eva rice
The passion for hoarding wealth or possession.

Eva is very greedy because she likes to take all the rice from the buffet and stuff it into a hidden bowl in her coat to take home.We should always be considerate and show concern for others.
Averse: A_verse (in the Bible)
Unwilling; reluctant; resistant

The boy is reluctant to attend Sunday School because he is unwilling to recite verses in the Bible.
Aversion: A_version
Strong dislike

Bill is going to buy Microsoft’s word-processing software, but he has a strong dislike for choosing an earlier version because it has a significant number of bugs.
Baleful: Bale_full → Large bundle_full;Bale_fall
Destructive; harmful

A bale full of gunpowder is harmful and dangerous when kept under the hot sun.
If a bale of hay falls on you from the top of a building, it will certainly be harmful to you, won’t it?Ouch…!Even though it is just a bale of hay.
Ointment for soothing pain, something that comforts or soothes
Boring; common; ordinary; dull
Baneful: Painful
Poisonous, harmful, destructive

When you inhale poisonous fumes (gas), it will be painful. Looks Like:Baleful Imagine This:It must be harmful and destructive if a heavy bale of hay falls on you.
Beguile: Be_guide
To deceive by charm; to make time pass by pleasantly

There was a charming but deceiving tourist guide who persuaded the tourists to pay the tips up-front, and she disappeared with the money shortly after.
Unpleasant mixture of sounds; harsh noise; discord
Cajole: Cage_Joe
To deceive by flattery; to coax

Joe, a famous magician, visually deceives his audience by making the lion disappear from his cage, but in reality it is just hidden under the cage.
Candor: Can_do
Openness; straight forwardness

If you are very eager to get a summer job, you should have a ‘can do’ attitude during the job interview.Instead of saying “I can do this and I can do that…�? you should be open and straightforward about your actual skills and technical capabilities.
Hard or irritating to deal with
Able to hold much
Belie: Be_lie
To give a false idea; fail to fulfil a promise
Persons or nations are at war; constant fighting; quarrelsome
Good wishes, a blessing
Friendly; generous; helpful
To hand down something by will; pass on
Bilk: Milk
Cheat; to defraud; swindle

A cheating sales person introduces a carton of what he claims to be milk, “Try a carton of this milk.�?“No way!�? a customer exclaimed, “Don’t try to cheat me!It is labeled bilk, not milk!Who are you trying to fool?
Anything that causes decay, death, or disease
To support; to encourage
Speech intended to capture the attention of the audience; high- sounding language
Crudely insensitive; rude person
Shortness; conciseness
Offensively self-important
Capitulate: Capital_ate
Surrender : yield to an enemy on conditions agreed upon

When the U.S. army finally captured Berlin, the German capital.Germany was surrendered.The entire population in the capital was starving badly and they ate rats to survive.
Unpredicatable; controlled by whims
Punish severely; criticize severely
Swiftness; fast
Censure: Censor ( An official authorized to examine movies, news and printed matter)
Disapprove; criticize; fault-finding

Movie ratings are determined by a panel of judges who watch and critique every inch of the film clip before final approval for general audience viewing.Certain scenes, which are disapproved of, will be cut.
Imposter (one who assumes an identity or title to deceive others)
Chary: Cherry
Very cautious

When eating cherries, you must be cautious not to eat the pits.
To discipline or punish for the purpose of making better
Punish by scolding or beating
Trickery (scheme to deceive; prank; deceptive)
Draw a line around;to confine
Mercy; pity; kindness
A convent or monastery; isolated from the outside world
Coalesce - Coal_less
To grow together; unite into one body

During the winter months in World War II, the Russian soldiers needed to huddle together to stay warm before their coal supply ran out.
Union; combination; temporary alliance
Coerce - Course
Force someone to do something against his/her wil

When the new cadets refused to go through the obstacle course during the rainy day, the army’s drill sergeant forced and threatened them with his 45
To compare carefully to learn the difference between the copies; arrange pages in proper sequence

Some high end copying machines have a collate feature which helps to sort out the separate copies of multiple pages.
To influence, affect or alter
Self-satisfied; self-important
Accept; admit; allow; surrender
Conciliatory - Reconciliation (to restore peace and friendship after disagreement)
Making peace, attempting to solve a dispute through goodwill
To excuse; to forgive an offense
Confound - Con (against)_found →not_found
To confuse; to mix up

If a drug addict does not find a way to quit his bad habit, his mind will be all mixed up and confused.Worst of all, he could end up dead.
Harmony; agreement
Standing out very noticeably; obvious