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A Black Hole is how many times larger in mass than the sun?
3 times the amount.
How many phases of the moon are there?
There are 8 phases of the moon.
How many hours of daylight do we get on June the 21st?
About 16 hours
About how many stars are there in our galaxie?
There are about 10 to the 11th power.
How many constellations are there in the Zodiac?
There are 12 constellations.
The reason for cold seasons and hot seasons is because?
The suns rays hit the Earth at different angles.
What is a gnome?
A sun stick.
What is the brightest star in our night time sky?
It is Sirius.
The path of the sun is the higest in the middle of?
What is the death of a large star called?
A Supernova.