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Francodia kolsh

McKinney tx

4.8 abv. Style: kolsh

Hint of citrus and floral aroma

Taste: light and refreshing with citrus beginning and hoppy finish

903 toasted coconut ale

Sherman tx

6.5 abv. Style: ale

Refreshing ale style beer with sweet taste of toasted coconut

Aka the chosen one

Deep Ellum ipa

Dallas, tx

7 abv. Style: ipa

Caramel fruity sweetness and a decent bitterness

Pours unclear orange color

Revolver blood and honey

7 abv. Style: American wheat ale

Grand bury tx

Deep golden ale brewed with blood orange and honey

H2o from their own well to give distinct flavor

512 pecan porter

Austin tx

6.5 abv. Style: American porter

Strong aroma of coffee and pecans

Flavor derived from local grown pecans

Nearly black in color

Peticolas velvet hammer

Dallas, tx

9 abv. Style: imperial red ale (strong ale)

Dark, ruby reddish brown colored ale

Elements of caramel and sweetness of brown sugar with moderate bitterness