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December 31st, 1991

Gorbachev Resigns

Soviet Union dissolves

Youth lose homeland, identity crisis

August 19th-21st, 1991

The coup

Undoing of Gobachev

Youth get behind Yeltsin and involved in politics

November 9th, 1989

fall of the berlin wall/end of the cold war

Early signs of soviet union crumble

Youth notice world is changing

Mikhail Gorbachev

Head of the Soviet Union

Viktor Tsoy

Underground Post punk singer

In band "Kino"

Leads rally cry "we want change"

Hasham Buloskov

Ex-Komsomol Leader

Bought mcdonalds stock


Former KGB

Current Russian president

Boris Yeltsin

Russian president during coup

Takes over as primary leader when Gorbachev resigns

Campaigned heavy with the youth