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Approaching within 1 mile and they sound 5 short

Make large course change and slow down if needed

When do you sound overtaking whistle signals?

Internationally: narrow channels and fairways

Inland: anytime

Inland power driven vessels leaves berth and backs down. Sound

One prolonged and 3 short

Inland barge moored to a slip made for mooring. How many lights?


Inland at night how many lights barges moored in formation more than 2 barges wide need to show?

2 unobstructed all around white lights

Special flashing

50-70 fpm

180-225 deg

Far forward as possible


Rivers power driven vessels

Stay away from PD descending or ascending

Objects being towed vs objects partially submerged being towed

Object towed: one diamond if toe greater than 200m. Also on towing vessel

Partially submerged: one diamond no matter what. 2 diamods if toe greater than 200m

Inland vessel less than 20m and barges canalboat etc in special anchorage area need to sound how many sound signals and how many anchor lights

None. Also no anchor lights

Crossing, give way turns to avoid you. Diff between international and inland

Shall may shall

Hold course and speed

Difference: no need to respond international. Need to respond inland if in sight of one another AND within half mile

Crossing with fishing as give way

Tell your intentions and move as you have to stay out of its way

Only see red and green sidelights

Sailing vessel

Dredging underway and not dredging

Still power drive

White over red with all round white forward

Pilot vessel at anchor


Underway and doing something that RAM

White only

Sailing vessel

When pecking order applies?

If not in narrow channel, TSS, or overtaking

Reqs for vessel at anchor and aground

Any vessel: bell 5sec

Equal or more than 100m: bell and gong 5 sec each

12-19 any sound for 2 mins, including aground

Aground: 3 strokes bell before anchor sounds

Sound devices

12+ whistle

20+ bell

100+ bell and gong

Power driven specials

Less than 12m only need all round white and sidelights

Less than 7 and speed equal or less than 7 just an all round - can show sidelights

Barges lights

Less than 25m: 2 all round white

25-100: one each corner

More than 100: all round white between lights

Sail lights

Sternlight and sidelights

Less than 20 can combine at top and may show red over green

Less than 7 have a torch