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The Romans worshipped many gods and often adopted the ______ and ________ of the people they conquered.
gods, beliefs
The Roman Army was divided into large groups called __________.
Rome not only became a large city, but it also became the center of a huge ___________.
Only the _____________ could be elected to the Senate.
Who were the patricians?
The patricians were the descendants of the founding families of Rome.
The Romans established a new form of democracy called a ___________________.
How many consuls did the Senate elect?
The patricians allowed the plebeians to elect ten __________ to monitor the actions of the Senate
How could the tribunes look out for the good of the plebeians?
If the Senate tried to pass a law the tribunes did not like, they could veto it.
What was the official language of the Roman Empire?
Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ is the son of ________and came to save the world from sin.
What did the descendants of Romulus named their city?
The village of Rome was on ______ hills along the Tiber River.
Who founded the village of Rome?
The citizens in Rome could elect a ______________ to make laws for the republic.
What were the duties of the consuls?
The consuls took care of the daily affairs of the republic.
Who were the plebeians?
The plebeians were the citizens of Rome who had come to the city later.
What did the plebeians do when they became tired of their treatment by the patricians?
The plebeians walked out of Rome and began their own city.
The Senate could elect a _________ to serve with absolute power in emergencies for _______ months.
power, six
What was the Pax Romana?
A time of peace and prosperity in the Roman Empire.
What was the Pax Romana?
A time of peace and prosperity in the Roman Empire.
Who was the first true emperor of Rome?
Ceasar Augustus
What is a census?
A census is the count of how many people live in a country or area.
Why did Augustus conduct a census in the Roman Empire?
To make sure everyone paid taxes.
The Roman road system made it easier for the _________ to move from province to province.
People in the Roman empire said that "all roads lead to _________."

Who were the twin boys abandoned by their cruel uncle on the Tiber River?
Remus and Romulus
The teachings of Jesus and his disciples are recorded in the ___________________.
New Testament
The legend says a ___________ found and cared for the twin babies