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Menu list of ingredients

tomato, olives, capers, pickled shallot, greens tzatziki, pita

All other ingredients

garlic, oregano, olive oil, salt & pepper, rice vinegar, cider vinegar, tzatziki (yogurt, sour cream, cucumber, mayo, dill, cayenne, salt, rice vinegar)


garlic (lamb)

gluten (pita)

dairy (tzatziki)

vinegar (shallots)

Allergen adjustments

garlic - none

gluten - sub GF bread or serve as salad

dairy - omit tzatziki

vinegar - use fresh shallots

Cooking techniques

roasting - lamb

pickling - shallots

baking - pita

mincing - tzatziki

Cultural points

mediterranean influence

lamb is from Colorado

tomatoes - bay produce

pitas - house-made

olive - kalamata

greens - arcadian

tzatziki - greek yogurt-based condiment