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Temple てら 
やまでらー山寺 (mountain temple)
Sell う,ばい 
売る (uru-to sell)
完売 (kanbai-sold out)
Hold も
持つ (motsu-to hold)
気持ち (kimochi-feeling)
Husband おっと、ふう
大丈夫ーだいじょうぶ (all right)
夫婦ーふうふ (married couple)
おっと (my husband)
Read よ、とく
読む (to read)
読本 (tokuhon-school reader)
Person しゃ、もの
歯医者 (haisha-dentist)
目下者 (meshitamono-one's junior/inferior)
Samurai, Man し、まん
力士 (rikishi-wrestler)
士官 (shikan-officer)
Writing brush ふで、ひ/ぴ
鉛筆ーえんぴつ (pencil)
悪筆ーあくひつ (Poor handwriting)
筆者ーひっしゃ (calligrapher)
Write か、しょ
しょ (penmanship)
書く (to write)
To change one's form ば、か、け
文化 (bunka-culture)
化学 (kagaku-chemistry)
化粧品 (keishouhin-makeup)
Construction こう、く
工事 (kouji-construction)
雨細工 (amezaiku-candy shaped into animal forms)
History し
音楽史 (ongakushi-music history)
文化し (bunkashi-cultural history)