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The Fahrenheit scale is based on boiling water having a sea level temperature of...
Five points of water heated to raise the temperature 2 degrees requires...
10 Btus
Sensible heat is heat that..
can be sensed by a thermometer
Superheat is added...
after all liquid has been changed to vapor
The transfer of heat from one object to another by direct contact is called...
A ton of refrigeration is equal to..
12k Btus per hour
Zero gauge pressure corresponds on the absolute scale to...
14.7 psi
The boiling temperature of a liquid will be lower as...
the pressure is decreased
A gas or liquid always flows...
from a higher pressure to a lower pressure
In a refrigeration system, the high-pressure, high-temperature vapor is converted into a high-pressure, high-temperature liquid by the...
In a refrigeration system, the low-pressure, low-temperature liquid is converted into a low-pressure, low-temperature vapor by the...
In a refrigeration system, the low-pressure, low-temperature vapor is converted into a high-pressure, high-temperature vapor by the...
The low side of the refrigeration system includes the...
suction side (input) of the compressor
Head pressure refers to the pressure in the...
high side of the system
If a gas is superheated 15 degrees to a temperature of 87 degrees, we can determine that its...
boiling point is 72 F
The difference between a halocarbon and a fluorocarbon refrigerant is that...
the fluorocarbon always has fluorine in it, but not all halocarbons do
The fluorocarbon refrigerants considered least harmful to the environment are the...
What is the color code for refrigerant recovery cylinders?
Gray with a yellow top
A compressor with a piston that travels back and forth in a cylinder is a _____ compressor
The main purpose of a condenser is to...
remove heat from the refrigerant
The main purpose of an evaporator is to...
add heat to the refrigerant
A TXV regulates the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator in order to maintain a constant...
Components (accessories) most often found in the refrigeration system liquid line are...
receiver, sight glass/ moisture indicator, filter-drier
A secondary control is used to...
regulate and or protect the cycle
Horizontal piping runs used in refrigeration system should...
pitch in the direction of flow