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How may Maslow's theory best be described?
human motivation and systemativ progression of a system of needs
What is the purpose of Kelly's constructs?
construe or interpret events
According to Kelly, definition may be thought of as what?
a relatively safe wager with a modest payoff if the prediction is correct, the construct becomes slightly more precise
According to Mischel, behaving the same way at different times reflects what?
temporal consistency
Giving positive positive regard regard independent of what a person does is called what?
unconditional postive regard
Rogers' personality theory is governed by what?
positive regard and every one actualizes
Rogers believes all humans have a need for what?
positive regard and actualization
In the representational strategy, how is personality change viewed?
devotes little attention to the past-- present oriented
The two elements of behavior potential are what?
reinforcment value and expectancy
Rogers divides the self into which two components?
actual self and ideal self
Kelly's constructs are imposed on what?
events as they are perceived and process
* known for guided study
* 1st long study of ability
* Taught at Johns Hopskins
Played around with women
* kicked out of schools
*worked in advertising made lots of money
What did Maslow's studies of self-actualization show?
no one is ever done, characteristics overlap, no one exhibits all characteristics
How does George Kelly describe constructs?
mental representations and or interpretations of events
How do peak experiences usually occur in people?
in conjunction with an activity or event
In Rotter's approach, the likelihood that a behavior will occur in a situation is called what?
Kelly calls anticipating a new class of events what?
What are Rotter's four constructs?
psychological situation, reinforcment value, expectancy, and behavioral potential
What are the aspects of external locus of control?
belief that outcomes are due to outside focus over which we have no control
*wrote dictionary
* collected data of words
*major fix of learning theory
* WW1 apha beta study for intelligence
* learn from trial and error
*intelligence is multi-fucntional
* published 500 books on animal intelligence
on Time magazine 1971
* reclusive slept in office at Harvard
* behaviorists
*focused on external stimuli
*founded open traditionisnt
to look at person and environment
What are the aspects of internal locus of control?
belief that outcomes are the result of our own personal efforts and resources
Mischel believes cross-situational consistency is most likely to occur in what type of situations?
high degree of competancy
What is to be noted about Bandura's concept of self-efficacy concerning one's actual abilities?
telling ourselves we can succeed
According to Mischel, being pleasant in different settings reflects which form of consistency?
cross situation-- consistency
Postive regard consists of what type of aspects?
respect, sympathy, warmth, love