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Reinforcing a low probability behavior with a high probability is called what?
Premack Principle
The process of taking away the reinforcement for a behavior is called what?
The best word to describe the behavioral approach is what?
What do representationalists believe about subjective reality?
reality as only perceives
Both representationalists and existentalists emphasize which time frame of reference?
Parents who are restrictive and rejecting are categorized by what type of parenting style?
What inculcates the effects of conditioning and observational learning?
combined force of media, family, social group, and institutions and the broad cultural group
The process of whether or not an observer uses the model's behavior is known as what ?
What causes gender roles to be acquired?
how we are raised
Gender differentiation in personality is determined by what?
We can conclude what about nonverbal behaviors?
subject to misunderstandings across cultures
What type of parenting style is usually associated with children who are socially assertice, competant, and responsible?
Children are more likely to acquire a model's behavior if what happens to that behavior?
The process by which the values, beliefs, and behaviors of a culture are transmitted to its members is called what?
The results of the BOBO doll study show primarily what?
children learn with observational learning
Both Rogers and Maslow believe what about how behavior is governed?
self-actualizing tendency
How does the environmental approach treat biological factors in personality?
Humanistic psychology may be described as what?
3rd force in psychology
Radical behaviorists believe people are what?
What did Carl Rogers call understanding a person from the person's own internal frame of reference?
The representational approach believes what about the reality of an event?
Kelly believes behavior is governed by what?
the subjective worldview of each individual
Existential and humanistic psychology share which three points in common?
free will, choice, and being there
The representational strategy views people as what?