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Reading is what type of modeling
Bandura's theory emphasizes what?
social or modeling
Reinforcing progressively closer approximations of a behavior is called what?
Cues that a particular behavior is likely to be reinforced are known as what ?
discriminative stimuli
What is Skinner's belief about behavior?
behavior is determined by external behavior-- consequences of actions
The behavioral approach to personality states that behavior results from what?
The contemporary perspective on classical conditioning indicates what?
reinforcment / contemporary
THe compulsive gambler is responding to which type of reinforcement?
variable ratio
How would Skinner define reinforcement?
the process by which the consequences of a behavior increase the chances the behavior will be performed again.
Variable-interval reinforcement produces which type of response?
steady by relatively low response rates
What should one do to extinguish a behavior?
stop reinforcing
Most behavior is maintained by which reinforcement schedule?
intermittent schedules
What is the placebo effect?
when a patient recieves an inert substance that results in healing
Operant conditioning is also known as what?
Operant conditioning focuses on what?
actionss and consequences
The more similar the original stimulus is to the test stimulus, what is more likely to occur?
When a particular CR is established, it requires additional pairings with the UCS to be maintained. If these pairings do not occur then what will gradually occur?