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Thebronchiole and the alveoli are placed inside of the lungs or outside of thelungs?




Therespiratory system is directly related with the:




(Circulatory system)

Thesimple diffusion is an example of the respiratory system:




Becauseit is not moisten and can get a lot of bacteria’s to the body, we shouldn’tbreath by the:




Thealveoli is covered by ________.


The______________ are responsible for taking the oxygen from the lungs to the allbody cells

(red blood cells)

Mostinspired particles such as dust fail to reach the lungs because of the________. 

a) ciliated mucous lining in the nose 

b) abundant blood supply to nasal mucosa

c) porous structure of turbinate bones

d) action of theepiglottis

ciliated mucous lining in the nose 

The larynx contains ________. 

A) the thyroidcartilage 

B) a cricoid cartilage also called the Adam'sapple

B) a cricoid cartilage also called the Adam'sapple

Oxygenand carbon dioxide are exchanged in the lungs and through all cell membranes by________.

A) osmosis

B) diffusion 

C) filtration 

D) active transport

A) osmosis

The lung volume that represents the totalvolume of exchangeable air is the ________.

A)tidal volume 

B)vital capacity

C) inspiratory capacity 

D)expiratory reserve volume

B) vital capacity