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Abbreviation: T&A
tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy
Define pneumothorax
collection of air in the pleural cavity
Abbreviation: PA
Abbreviation: IRV
inspiratory reserve volume (test of pulmonary function)
Abbreviation: SOB
shortness of breath
Abbreviation: ERV
expiratory reserve volume (test of pulmonary function)
Abbreviation: TV, V t
tidal volume (test of pulmonary function)
Define hyperpnea
abnormal increase in depth and rate of breathing
Abbreviation: R
Define pulmonary
pertaining to the lungs
Abbreviation: PFT
pulmonary functiont ests
Define hemoptysis
spitting up of blood
Abbreviation: URI
upper respiratory infection
Define pharyngoglossal
pertaining to the pharynx and tongue
Abbreviation: SOA
shortness of air
Define tracheotomy
process of cutting into the trachea
Abbreviation: RV
residual volume test (test of pulmonary function)
Define laryngeal
pertaining to the voice box
Define otorhinolaryngology
the study of the ear, nose, and throat, including their structure, function, and diseases; also known as ENT
Define hypoxia
deficiency of oxygen
Define hemothorax
blood in the pleural cavity
CROUP is another name for what
Define dyspnea
painful breathing
Define bronchiolitis
inflammation of the bronchioles
Define bradypnea
slow breathing
Define spirometry
process of measuring airflow and volume into and out of the lungs
Define tachypnea
fast breathing
Define pneumopleuritis
inflammation of the lungs and pleura
Define apnea
no breathing
Define phrenic
pertaining to the diaphragm
Define hypocapnia
decreased amounts of carbon dioxide in the blood
Define rhinorrhea
discharge from the nose
Abbreviation: AP
Abbreviation: O 2
Define adenoidectomy
excision of the adneoids
Define eupnea
normal breathing
Define dysphonia
difficulty in speaking
Define pectoral
pertaining to the chest
Define thoracodynia
chest pain
Abbreviation: CXR
chest x-ray
Define laryngospasm
sudden, involuntary contraction of the voice box
Define thoracoplasty
surgical reconstruction of the thorax
Define hypercapina
excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the blood
Define pneumatic
pertaining to air or respiration
Define pulmonary angiography
process of producing an image of the blood vessels of the lung following injection of contrast medium
Define otorhinolaryngologist
a specialist in the study of the structure, function, disease, and treatment of the ears, nose, and throat
Define tonsillitis
inflammation of the tonsils
Define aphonia
loss of voice
Define lobar
pertaining to the lobe of the lung
Define nasopharyngeal
pertaining to the naspharynx (the portion of the pharynx located behind the nose)
Define pneumonia
inflammation of the lung;
Define bronchitis
inflammation of the broc hus
Define tonsillar
pertaining to the tonsils
Define stethoscope
instrument used to listen to chest sounds
Define lobectomy
excision of a lobe of the lung
Define oligopnea
infrequent breathing resulting in a reduction of air entering the lungs
Define thoracocentesis
surgical puncture to remove fluid from the pleural cavity
Define bronchiectasis
dilation of the bronchus
Define CROUP
inflammation of the larynx, trachea, and bronchus
abnormal condition of dust inthe lungs; black lung
Define orthopnea
breathing only in the upright position
Abbreviation: CO 2
carbon dioxide
Define pansinusitis
inflammation f all the paranasal sinuses
Define alveolar
pertaining to the alveolus
Define mucolytic
drugs used to break down thick mucus so it can be coughed up
Define bronchoscopy
procss of visually examining the bronchus
Define tonsillotome
instrument used to cut the tonsils
Define bronchospasm
sudden, involuntary contraction of the bronchus
Define tonsillectomy
excision of the tonsils
Define bronchodilator
drugs used to dilate the bronchus to relieve brochospasm
Define anoxia
lack of oxygen
Define spirometer
instrument used to measure airflow and volume into the out of the lungs
Define tracheostomy
new opening into the trachea is created through the neck and a tube is inserted to assist breathing
Define bronchogenic carcinoma
a malignant tumor of the lung that originates in the bronchi
Define pyothorax
pus in the pleural cavity; also known as empyeam
Define pleuralgia
pain in the pleura
Define rhinitis
inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose
Define laryngotracheobronchitis
inflammation of the larynx, trachea, and bronchus; also know as CROUP
Define bronchography
process of producing an image of the bronchi following injection of contrast medium
Define nasolacrimal
pertaining to the nose and lacrimal apparatus
Define tracheoesophageal
pertaining to the trachea and esophagus
Define hydrothorax
fluid in the pleural cavity
Define sinusotomy
process of cutting into the sinus